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  1. i tied the foam down first and then added the deer hair wing over top of the foam.
  2. Thanks oatka I was wondering how to finish them.
  3. http://www.hatchesmagazine.com/page/may2006/185
  4. Not sure where this is supposed to go so...Just heard about making your own furled leaders and figured I'd try it out. Here is what i have come up with so far. orange and yellow thread, yellow mono, and green thread.
  5. This is my first step by step so go easy. The pictures could be better. Once i get home I will re-post with better pics. hook: size 12 long dry fly thread: danville 3/0 monocord tail: deer hair body: amber color dry dubbing wing case: yellow 2mm foam legs: black saddle hackle wing: yellow deer belly hair head: orange deer body hair attach thread. tye in the deer hair tail. attach hackle dub the body. attach foam wing case. wrap the hackle forward, and trim the top hackle. tye in the hackle legs. tye in yellow wing. stack orange deer hair on the bottom of the hook shank. stack more orange deer hair on top of the hook shank. whip finish and trim.
  6. I can do that, but i wont be able to until saturday, but yeah I'll do a sbs for it. It's finals week. im going to try and do the step by step today. i will pm you when it is up.
  7. I can do that, but i wont be able to until saturday, but yeah I'll do a sbs for it. It's finals week.
  8. first one is a minnow tied with marabou, then a hopper, a paraloop, yellow stimulator, a wet fly, and a scud.
  9. some flies i have tied tonight. what do you all think.
  10. Student but studying for a dual degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Might change to fisheries though.
  11. thanks mike. exactly what i needed.
  12. I am coming home from college and my parents are giving me a bed room downstairs for my fly tying. I already have a desk i have re-finished over thanksgiving break. I was hoping to get some pictures of your desks and how you organize for some ideas. Thanks, tmatt26
  13. It's been a while since I've been on here due to college and all. I am going to get a chance to go on a fishing trip during spring break. I was hoping to get some trout fishing in. I was thinking about heading down to gatlinburg, TN or to the Cumberland river in Kentucky. Just wondering which would be the better bet as far as productivity and fishing pressure. Also i need as many fly patterns as possible so that i can start preparing. Thanks guys, greatly appreciated.
  14. olive woolly bugger and an orange dave's hopper imitation. always have worked well for me.
  15. i can tie flies just fine all the way down to size 16 but anything smaller than that i have problems with the hackle being too long, things bunching up. just wondering if you all use magnification lenses or a special hackle. thanks.
  16. looks just fine to me. as long as it looks like that i'd keep using it.
  17. few deer hair bugs and an attempt at a stimulator. what do you all think?
  18. tmatt26


    ive had good luck with this fly i tie, i am also limited on materials so i try to keep it simple. so here ya go.
  19. its something new i have tied and the only way i can describe it is a crystal bugger with a flash tail with no hackle, and bead chain eyes. size 10. here's a pic too.
  20. ok i know this section is for bugs but i catch these little fish all the time and dont know what it is.
  21. went fishing for carp at lunch today and was sight fishing them. turned out well i think.
  22. If you are interested in one PM me... what was that technique int that video called when it showed the dubbing loop or whatever it is called
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