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  1. It's nto something i desperately need but i have saved up enough money and was wanting to upgrade to a better vise.
  2. i am looking for a new vise and i was going for a rotary vise but was wondering if you all have and preferences. my budget is 150 bucks. any advice will be welcome. thanks.
  3. i have seen many hopper flies with this type of wing case and was wondering what should i use to treat the turkey feather before using it. how do you all do it?
  4. The popper body is made from a single piece of foam I bought from Michaels . They come in a bag of ten and are called " foamies shapes". They look like big mashmellows. I shaped it with a dremel tool and colored it with prisma markers and then sealed the deal with some 2 ton epoxy. The extra time and effort are totally worth it .This bait is deadly on big bass. Fred Where can I get "prisma markers"? and are they expensive?
  5. I have been having some luck with a size 10 green bead head crystal bugger fished slow and about 6-8ft. deep. I usually strip in about 2-3 inches at a time.
  6. yes sir. those and the ones in the first picture if you have the time. i can stack the hair just fine now i was wondering what you use for the "skeleton" under the legs. wire? or any suggestions that the only part im having trouble with
  7. I like them both! On the first I might add a few rubber legs sewn into the body itself. You can get a big eyed sewing needle, and put some rubber legs through the eye and then stick the needle through the foam body behind the googly eyes. On the second I would glue the body pieces together so there is not a gap in the body. Googly eyes would add an extra attractor this as well. Also, what is the silver material you have wrapped behind the body on the bend of the hook? The silver material is just lead free wire. i used it so that it would float with the back end down in the water like a frog, but it's all something I've been experimenting with. Will do on the legs on the first one. Thanks.
  8. I attempted a STP frog and i just made a foam frog popper. tell me what you think or what i need to do better.
  9. What kind of foam frogs do you use during the early and mid summer months? Anyone tried the STP Frog, i was wondering if it was worth tying.
  10. Is there any special comb i need for this or just a fine tooth comb at wal-mart?
  11. thanks for the advice guys.
  12. yes sir. those and the ones in the first picture if you have the time.
  13. i was looking to stack them, but whatever you think is the easier way.
  14. I was wondering how did you go about making the back legs of that frog?
  15. I sliced a strip of deer hide off the bottom of my deer hair squares and folded it.
  16. I viewed some videos on hatch.tv on this but still haven't figured out the whole thing. How do you all make your legs for your frogs? anyone make deer hair legs for them? Anything would be appreciated thanks.
  17. This is my first attempt at a mouse fly. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It seems i have a little trouble getting the deer hair compact enough to make a uniform body. Thanks.
  18. Hi I'm Tyler ,19, and I've been tying my own flies for a few years now and just found this site. I hope to improve my skills more over the summer and hopefully get some tips.
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