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  1. Great pattern Curtis!!
  2. They all are awesome!! As BNB has mentioned I really like the first one as well!! thanks for sharing Terje!!
  3. Great tutorial Ray, thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you! Pat~
  4. Great looking series of flies flydoc!! Outstanding once again, I got them all booked marked. You've got to be one of the cleanest tiers I've seen!! Pat~
  5. Sorry for the late reply on this thread but those look amazing!! I'm sort of getting into the Popper scene myself and this is a great inspiration. I'd love to see the doting process if your able to throw up a tutorial. Thanks again, Pat
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Pat M: EP Bluegill
  7. I've done a couple of these flies already and its fairly easy to do. I elected to not attach the weed guard thinking the same thing in regards to the all the rabbit used in the pattern. Good Stuff.
  8. HAHAHA, Yeah after I uploaded I thought the same thing Old Hat!!
  9. I forgot to mention that this pattern was colored with Olive and Brown Prismacolor markers to get the coloring I was looking for. Thanks, Pat~
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Pat M: Mercer's Rag Sculpin
  11. Nice Matt, can you list the materials used or at least the hook? Thanks for sharing!
  12. Pat M


    I get mine from Dream Drift Flies. for 3 grams its a lot of feathers and they have some of the best quality. http://www.dreamdriftflies.com/index.php?c...6cd9fe918ade84b I'm not affiliated with these guys, just putting a good word out on their service.
  13. Joanne's and Michael's both carry them. Michael's occasionally has them on sale (4 for $10 or so). Thank you agn54!
  14. I use the Sharpie currently but wanted to experiment with the Prismacolors. Anyone know of a good source (cost) to locate the some.
  15. Terje, thanks for sharing your adventures! I did enjoy the story and the pictures! Pat~
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