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  1. I like the fly just the way it is tied. I can't figure how to do the body with the short fibers. could you help with an explanation. thanks fred
  2. fellow tiers thanks for all the information. I may need to read it a few times to get it digested. Seems like a technique that is not well understood or used by a large number of folks. many thanks freddy g
  3. does anybody have information on rope dubbing? I have found many hits but no information on the "how to". I have found a dvd but before I buy it I wanted to know if you use it and how you like it. thanks freddyg
  4. Are Loon's uv knot sense and uv clear fly the same material? I am thanking they are both unfilled resins, Have asked another forum but only received one reply out over 120 views. freddyg
  5. This is my favorite pattern for the park in August. I like to glue 2mm white foam on the black foam before I drill the foam. This makes the fly much more visible for us older folks.
  6. where did you obtain the polychenille? thanks freddyg
  7. I have been tying on the Swiss master vise for over two years. I love the it. It is very easy and fast to get every hook in perfect rotational position. To adjust from the largest hook to the smallest is very fast. I tie sizes 14 to 24 90% of the time, and they hold great. It has more options for tying than I use. For more info go to http://www.petitjean.ch/eng/MPVise/default.asp . freddy
  8. The Swiss bobbin by Marc Petitjean looks very intresting. Sold by Hairline
  9. I use and love this vice. It is the quality and design that are so great. I have heard the vice tries to do too many operations and is only adequate. No way! This vice does each operation faultlessly. I am going on two years of using the vice and still finding new features. I have had fun finding the optimum position to locate the fly for tying. For me that position is about 4 inches in front of the front edge of my tying table and about diaphragm high. So many options. Hook holding perfect with fast hook size change. Accessories of the same high quality. I have no connection to Marc. I just like the vice. PS I practiced ( Dentistry ) in Livingston TX for 30 years. We were neighbors. I am now in Estes Park 1 mile from RMNP. Life is good. Pray for me during football season I went to Baylor. freddyg
  10. nice fish, congratulations!!
  11. Great looking pattern. When you are wrapping the hackle do you wrap it under the wings? What is the hook? I have enjoyed your photography and your flies. Very innovative. thanks freddyg
  12. I have been using the vise for over a year. I love it! It was very easy to set up but Marc gave me a demo on all the features. Easy to adjust as needed for different hook sizes. Very easy to keep true rotary for different sizes hooks. Takes about 10 seconds or less for hook size adjustment or rotary adjustment. Very high quality. Fred
  13. Any ideas on the tying of semi-realistic thorax and head for midge pupa? Thanks Fred
  14. Thanks again everyone, you folks are the best. Futzer, those are very nice flies and I think I will be ok without the step by step. Any information you have on fishing RMNP would be a great help. I should be set with this info. Thank you Thank you Thank you
  15. Guys, thanks for the info. Brian's flies really look real. Have you fished them yet? Thanks again, Fred
  16. Does anyone know of a semi-realistic fishing pattern for a midge pupa? Thanks
  17. REX, thanks for the information. Do you have to use more than one quill? The pheasant body feathers that I have are short. I do not think the body will be torn up by the trout, the body just had such a beautiful color that I thought it might be coated. I absolutely love this fly! thanks freddy
  18. Great fly and tie. What type of pheasant feather are you using? Have you coated the body with a coating?Thanks
  19. I have been using this vice for about 6 months and I love it! I replaced a Peak vice which I also like but this vice has many advantages. Lots of access to the hook- Very easy to place a hook check its position then clamp, this is handy for 22's and smaller. It is about a 5 second adjustment from any size hook to any other size. It also takes about 5 seconds to adjust any hook to its true center of rotation. Very good at holding hooks with minimal amount of force to work the lever. You can get the vice from Vince Wilcox at Wileys Flies.
  20. I have been reading posts for quite a while. This is my first post. Is there a good substitute for calf tail when tying a trude wing? Thanks in advance
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