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  1. I own or have tried virtually every type and style of hackle pliers on the market. The best pliers, without a doubt are by C & F. You're going to pay for them, but they are worth it.
  2. Both. J:son Sweden has the best burners on the market and River Road Creations has the best wing cutters. Additionally, they sell cutter "sets" for a hopper (wing, body, legs, etc...) Some wing materials can't be burned because of their thickness and visa versa. That's why I say both.
  3. Ah, the infamous pink squirrel. I believe this pattern originated in the driftless region of SW Wisconsin. I can testify that it fishes well.
  4. If I may comment without offending; the collar Hackle is too long. It will lay along the entire length of the body and when down current and mask the flash. You are also missing the purple Hackle in front of the blue and the golden olive calf/kip tail on top, all that is called for in the standard dressing.
  5. I wish I could see more of the detail. Well done.
  6. It would appear the patterns are caddis pupae and scuds morphed together. The heavy dressing on the front does appear like that on the natural and invalidates them as scuds What were you going for here? That notwithstanding they are nice ties and will fish.
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