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  1. Actually there are alternatives. First off boot foot waders or boots have a fairly thick rubber sole that was rough ground prior to the adhesion of the felts at the factory. That said your local shoe repair shop may be able to help. Here in Springfield that is Tom's Shoe Repair, 417-881-7581. they can grind off the "felts" leaving the basic shoe then apply a rubber skin over the rubber backer. tom tells me that he has done this for 10-12 anglers the last few months and hasn't had any complaints using that method. MDC says this is a viable option that is acceptable. I have an extra set of soles I ma going to try the "contact cement" idea from MDC and report to Tom. Third the ban on felt soles applies to all "cold" water streams whether or not they hold trout. That means spring fed or tail water. virtually every stream in the southern half of Missouri is included. I have talked with Missouri conservation agent friends and none know how they will enforce this. That is not to say that we should try to get by with but I understand that Arkansas has not instituted a similar ban as yet.
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