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    I think this picture speaks a thousand words. I saw it a long time ago and never forgot it. THAT'S FRIKEN CRAZY!
  2. I think it's awesome that your going for it! If I had one bit of advise it would be to wear light colored clothing when making a video. Your body is the back drop for your movie. It makes it easier to see what your doing. Makes sense , right? GOOD LUCK AND CARRY ON DUDE!
  3. This is the one I copied. Like I said it's not very big at all.
  4. AH HA HA HA! Would be a tiny hoohah. This thing is not very big at all. Maybe 2 1/2" long tops. LOL
  5. I actually made these. Is what I use now. I copied these from some I saw on the web.
  6. The clear plastic version is on E-bay for a little over five bucks and have several sizes to choose from or a four piece set for $10.99. Search cdc feather clip. Might be a little wait though. They come from China and shipments are being held up because of the coronavirus. I know first hand. I have some dirt bike parts in limbo. Or just use a bulldog clamp (second photo) from Walmart with some black tape on the jaws. The black tape helps to grip the fibers a little better. I used the bulldog clip for a long time until I made a clip of my own.
  7. Diary of a fly. That's really neat to see. Very cool. Nice job.
  8. I too would be interested in checking one of these out. Any idea the price yet?
  9. This might sound stupid, but if your tying area is located on a carped floor, you could get a office chair floor mat and put it under you. At least any dropped hooks would land on it and not get lost in the carpet. If carpet is a factor here.
  10. Cream, Absolutely beautiful fly! Don't mean to stray from topic.
  11. This pattern is called "Simple Hopper" . You can change up the colors to better match the natural hoppers near where you fish. I tie in all-green and brown foam with light tan or yellow dubbing.
  12. This happens a lot. Size 1/0 fly tied on a size 2 hook. Your hair skills look good, just a fly to hook size problem. This happens a lot with small dry flies tied by beginners too. Hey, we learn from our mistakes too. I know I did. I bet your next set of Dahlberg Divers come out great!
  13. I can appreciate the time and effort that went into that PILE of deer hair flies. Really nice!
  14. I too have tried the adult dragon fly project, and will say that I think the wing type is a good design. Tying big dragon fly wings that are more realistic act like a parachute when casting the fly. I know this from experience. Super cool dragon fly with killer looking wings and it didn't cast worth a darn. Think about it. Was great looking, but if you can't fish it , it is worthless. People tend to worry about looks when making a fly, when how it cast, and its action are the critical factors to creating a real winner. A clouser minnow doesn't look like a real minnow very much to me, but a lot of us full well know how effective they are.
  15. I know this has nothing to do with fly tying, but a while back there was a buzz about the nut used to display a fly looking like an Alien pod. I saw this and had to post it. I GOT TO GET ONE OF THESE! But I'm kind of freaked out about putting it on..LOL I mean, that's prettty messed up man!!!
  16. I've been a mechanical engineer for too long to remember. 30 so years. I design machines used to produce PVC pipe, Vinyl Siding, and other extruded products. This is a big Hydrotester used to pressure test PVC pipe getting loaded.
  17. No name recommendations, but that's a nice looking design you got there. Congratulation's on your product and good luck to you. I think it will do well. Could I ask how much they cost?
  18. My son. He doesn't tie any more but when he was 10-12'ish he did. He's 34 now and lives in Simi Valley California where he has a family and a life. I live in central Kansas and most common folk around here are not familiar with fly tying. He went to a craft fair with his aunt and set up a booth selling his flies and tying at his booth. I guess they had to widen the walkway, shuffle other booths around his booth for all the people that were clogging the walk way due to stopping to watch him tie the flies. Awesome! He was so proud of himself. THE SHOW STOPPER! Sold a lot of flies too, which amazed me, for again "living in central Kansas". Another proud moment for me as his dad. To this day I remember how excited he was when he got home and told me. I love that story. I miss him.
  19. flytire, What species do you go for with that Wolly Bugger? That is a cool color. Could almost be a baby brown if tied with the yellow on the bottom and brown on top. I think I'm going to have to copy that one. Good job!
  20. A MAYFLY for May flies from the vise. I pulled this from last month. I did not tie this fly.
  21. Shouldn't the first fly posted in "May flies from the vise" be a Mayfly? Uh huh huh. With that said (and I do regret it) that is a really nice colored Wooly.
  22. I have to agree with Mike on this one. With the internet, you have every pattern in the world at you finger tips. Countless Step by step tutorials and videos by the the biggest names in fly tying. So just buy the materials you need and tie some flies. You don't need a kit to tie flies. BUT, if you like getting presents in the mail every month, GO FOR IT!
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