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  1. hey, how exactly do you weave? i googled it and found some how tos but dont understand them. could you please send a link on how to weave or something. thanks, sean
  2. hey there. i was just wondering who is going to the Midwest fly fishing Expo in macomb, MI. and if anyone will have a booth or things alone those lines. thanks, sean
  3. hello all. i am a sixteen (almost seventeen) year old kid from southern michigan. i have been tying flies for a little over a year now. i started by tying sucker spawn and wooly buggers, now have have moved on to nymphs such as caddis flies and stone flies. i have NOT fished any of my patterns yet but fortunatly my mom has observed that im serious about this hobby and have bought me a fly rod, a pair of waders, and a chest pack; so i can hit the river when the water comes down this spring (which im very excited an ancious to do). well, thanks for listening, sean
  4. I need help finding an inexpensive online flyshop. Being a kid without a job, its hard finding and buying materials. i need to find a good online flyshop with lots of varity, good quality materials, and most of all good prices. thanks, SeanM92
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