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  1. I usually don't tie my beard into the fly I'm working on. What more could you ask for? A more serious answer: I tie ugly flies for fishing, and I can do a lot better if I take all the time I need to do a nice looking fly. I'm good enough to wish that I had a magnifying glass and perfect light, so that I can do better flies when I'm gonna take pictures for the web. I'm not good enough to be satisfied with my flies when I take pictures of them with macro, and look at the result. But I still upload my flies to forums sometimes, if I think there's an interesting idea in the fly. Tying ugly flies would never make me stop. I think it's in our nature as fly tiers to never stop. If I'm unhappy with the result, Ill just try again. If I'm happy with the result, I'll try to make it even better. If I think that I made the perfect fly, I'll reconsider what's perfect, and start all over with a fly that I'm not happy with.
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