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  1. Here are some more pro tubes for inspiration Chris
  2. A simple selection of rabbit strips, marabou, and hackle should suit you well. I reccomend picking up natural, vivid and subdued colors of each. Chris
  3. Sweet fly...., I love the ribbing CHris
  4. I am not sure were you are located but i know that tight lines in NJ has them as well as many fly shops on the west coast of the US. Although the product is pricey, because all the components are interchangeable you end up having to buy less materials. http://www.flymart.ca/default.aspx?ctl=ctl...category_id=170 http://www.tightlinesflyfishing.com/shopon...ing/protube.htm Chris Anyone else tie on pro-tubes?
  5. Hello everyone, Here are some of my recent flies. Tied on pro-tubes they are really versatile allowing you to interchange all parts and make stream side adjustments. These are tied with a bullet weight in the middle and weightless sonic tubes which push water and create a larger profile. All of the bodies are the same but the differance in cone size really affects the end result. By melting back the slightest bit of tubing these cones can be swapped on and off. If anyone out there is tying on protubes im sure as well as me would be very interested in seeing your creations. Chris Warren Here are more http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9100...mp;l=685c39eaef
  6. That will do well on the salmon. As a matter of fact all great lake tribs. Great job! Chris
  7. I too have used both egg yarn and mcfly foam. i used to like mcfly foam because it is easier to but recently i have changed my views. I found that egg yarn sinks faster and is more vibrant in the water. It also has a more symmetrical look in the water(which probably inst important) As for tying method i tie it in as if it was a parachute. It lasts longer and does not impede the hook gap. Tight lines and intense head-shakes, chris
  8. As of two weeks ago this is my collection of boxes. I now has one more full and a nymph box tags along as well. IMG_7029.bmp Busy bobbin, chris
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fliesandfish: My simple mouse
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fliesandfish: Atlantic bomber
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fliesandfish: Soft-hackle egg
  12. Hey everyone, I have been away form the forum lately because i have been so darn busy but i have been popping in and out to see all the art. Great job every one. For the past month and a halve i have been busy with things right after another. Has anyone fished for GREENBACKS in colorado. I will be going out there in early july and i am looking to hook into a few of those beauties. If any one has or has any info please let me know. After that i will go down to the center the state and end in mesa Verde I am going out to meet my Norwegian uncle. thanks, chris
  13. Wow, Thanks to every one who has offered their help and support. It would be great to receive some didymo from such diverse sources. I was thinking of shipping in a CLEANED medicine bottle or the sort. I will be PMing all of you generous folks. If posible direct collection i.e( without a transfer of containers) would be prefered but that is not at all necessary. Again, i would like to thank you all so much for your contribution. Thanks, chris
  14. Hello every, I am doing a supervised project on Didymosphenia geminata. Students in my shchool are required to preform and entire lab on a subject of our choice. I Chose Didymo the invasive diatom which has the potential to destroy entire watersheds. Again this expereiment will be supervised and proper disposial of excess didymos will be certain. I am wonding if anyone would be able to send me a sample from your watershed so we can be sure that our results are not biased based on the individual populations prefered living conditions. I will pay for shipping of a small sample size. Thank you very much for your time, Christopher Warren
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