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  1. going to make one very soon. very creative.
  2. Awesome fly, I'd love to see some photos of the process. I am fairly limited on patterns I can tie. Great fly
  3. I really like it, what is behind the conehead? Is it the thread wrapping or clipped hair? Fly looks great.
  4. Thanks doublehaul I'll check them out. If I have to I'll call Grant I fished with him down in Mexico a couple months ago. Thanks again.
  5. just what i was looking for thanks swink, any idea on the hook type/size?
  6. thanks rich, but I checked out the site pretty thorough and couldn't find anything.
  7. That is one good looking fly. Haven't fished the Madonna, but I have fished the similar yellow zoo cougar and done really well. Great tie.
  8. I recently went to Mexico and fished for roosters. I can't wait to get back and want to get some patterns tied up specifically the Rhasta fly. Anyone have any tutorials they know of that would help? I'm new to using super hair and all together saltwater flies. Thanks.
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