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  1. Carpet fibers and fuzz from new or old carpet just rub your hand on it or use a butterknife. Or go to a carpet store and look at the scraps easier to get the fuzz from new carpet scraps Copper wire from old electric cords Easter grass Balloon holders the foil ones marking tape for hunting usualy just orange garbage bags uncented beads from kids knecklaces the rubber twist from a sinker for eyes rubber cleaning gloves for scuds sock fuzz wash first round foam weather stripping for poppers stirring straws paint rollers for dubbing ROAD KILL Well thats some of the stuff I can think of now that wasnt already posted I've used hope it helps someone
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    I am 37 fishing since 5. tying flys at age 10. Have twin boys just turned 3 on the 13th. Had them fishing on there first birthday. Each got there first fish (blue gills) I let them use open face Ice fishing rods they loved it. Hoping I can teach them to cast this year and not just reel in. It gets a little dangerous when they are useing there cane poles (they think there fly rods trying to cast like me) so a couple more years with ice fishing rods. Just saying it's never to early to start kids fishing I have a 3 month old boy now hoping he can learn to reel in buy the end of summer. But it's up to us adults to get kids fishing or just outdoors and away from the tv/games/gangs what ever it may be. Are sportsmans club here in Pa does a fishing tourney every year for the iner city kids and 1 for local kids we work with the churches and shelters and bus the kids to the club last year 160 iner city kids between ages 5-16 got to fish. Some never been out of the city before or seen a fish Didnt matter where in the city they were from that 1 day they all had 1 thing in common being kids and catching fish. I dont know were everone is from but get your clubs and or churches involved 1 day a year and give some kids a memory of a lifetime that they would not of had otherwise. Good fishing and tying everyone.
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