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  1. I'm like bamboo and Sean Juan - just a standard name for me. No so good with creativity with the names.
  2. QUOTE (jbenenson @ Feb 2 2005, 11:05 AM) I don't know if you realize how good that fly is. Well-tied flies have a certain quality about them, a certain fish appeal, that others lack. Your fly has it: an excellent tapered body, a wing that looks alive, a well-formed head, excellent proportions. Great job! Keep on tying... I agree with jbenenson's assessment. Excellent first fly and a great pattern to start with. My husband still fishes some of the first flies that I tied and still catches fish on them. All flies are fishable!
  3. What a cool board! I heard about this board on North Georgia Trout Online's (NGTO) Message Board. Been fishing as long as I can remember. Grew up in Louisiana and South Mississippi - fished warmwater and saltwater. Moved to Georgia about 15 years ago. Began trout fishing in addition to the warm and saltwater. (But, bluegill are still my favorites) Been flyfishing for almost 8 years and tying for just as long. Taught myself for a long time and learned a lot of bad habits. My tying significantly improved once I started tying with others that I met with NGTO, TU, and Georgia Women Flyfishers. As volunteer work with TU, GaWOmFly, and FFF-SEC, I've taught a few beginner fly tying classes. As a new mom, my fly fishing opportunities have been limited, but I plan to keep up the tying and the tying volunteer work as much as possible. FlygURL
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