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  1. All- Sean Murphy and I have finally decided to get some of our fly fishing and tying activities up on a website. The platform content address is: www.flyosophy.com Many of you know Sean from fishing, the annual expo, and his blog. His blog is now on this new site, as well as many other categories that are slowly being populated. Many thanks to Will Mullis for his input regarding which platform to use for this project. He saved us countless hours of heedless work. Thanks!
  2. I have used a Battenkill mid arbor on one of my saltwater rods for years without any issues. I am very strict about rinsing it after every use, though, so I attribute its longevity to keeping the salt off of and out of it. I imagine that if you get another Battenkill and take care of it, it will last you a long time.
  3. The clouser's top wing is meant to only be tied down in front of the eyes. This allows the material to be fuller in the water and have more movement. That being said, there's no reason why your flies won't or don't catch plenty of fish.
  4. While I have caught pike on very large fly patterns, most of mine have been caught on flies about five inches long. To some people that might be quite large, but to me it's about medium as I fish a lot of salt where foot long flies are not unheard of.
  5. You say this because not many people responded to your thread, or in particular to the number of threads that Dave has tied? Perhaps the majority of people on this site don't live in the area and aren't aware of Dave's shop and therefore never opened the thread to begin with. Just a thought. Dave is a consummate professional who knows the Farmington like the back of his hand. His shop closing is a loss, mainly for the lack of accessibility that people will have to his knowledge base. I wish him well.
  6. It's tough to provide local knowledge without knowing where this body of water is located. If you provide more details on location (state, region), perhaps someone can help you.
  7. Harold, your thread wasn't political per se, but a few posts swung it in that direction. As a former moderator of this site, I tend to be more aware of these things than some others around here. My original post was more or less tongue in cheek, and BDH took it of what it was meant for.....kind of like the old guys from the balcony at the muppet show and their many comments. No harm, no foul.
  8. I guess the "no political threads" rule is over, huh?
  9. Dble Haul

    CDC Emerge

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this pattern was submitted to the wrong category.
  10. wooly bully bunny split prince of pike poxy bunny yakka pikka big eye baitfish cyborg mega mushy Reynold's pike fly loco popper
  11. Wooly Bully, hands down... http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern884.html
  12. Great job everyone. Nice flies, nice to see them all.
  13. Got mine yesterday....looks great.
  14. Check the pattern database for those particular species. If you don't find many for musky, check out flies for pike. They will work for musky as well.
  15. You are undergunned with the weight rods that you are bringing. Had you inquired sooner than the day before your trip, we might have been able to help you out with some advice a lot sooner.
  16. Sean lives on the Cape. Bassturd, if I were you I'd check out Capt. Paul Koopmann. He fishes that area extensively and is quite good. He has a good reputation around here. Check him out at: www.saltyflies.com Have fun.
  17. Dble Haul

    Capt. Caveman

    If changing the color is all it takes to create a new fly, then I guess I have several hundred flies to name.
  18. Dble Haul

    Capt. Caveman

    So if the fly was originally called the greentail shrimp fly, what makes this one different?
  19. I have the full set, and find it to be an invalueable resource of information.
  20. Well, I guess this is a bit less subtle than my reply. :hyst:
  21. So now you're dictating what is and isn't appropriate for this website? Wait a minute, I'll forward this on to the site administration so they can follow your every idea.
  22. Dble Haul

    Flytyer mag

    American Angler has incorporated a saltwater section because their sister publication, Saltwater Flyfishing, went belly up. There weren't enough subscribers to keep that one going, so they fulfilled the subscription to that magazine by sending AA with it's supplement to those who were expecting SWFF. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed because I had discontinued AA for many of the reasons previously stated here. Flyfishing in Saltwater is a completely different magazine, offered by a different publishing company.
  23. I'm still in a flux about this. Bummer news.
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