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  1. Might also want to experiment with a 60 degree eagle claw jig hook. There is an article in this spring's Fly Tyer magazine that features an article about how to make interchangeable barbell eyes with small rubber bands used to repair eye glasses. The author uses a similar pattern only replaces the bunny strip tail with silicone jig skirt material. Looks pretty promising :yahoo: !
  2. I might also add that it may work well casting for walleyes. My home lake here in Iowa is pretty shallow and full of decent sized walleyes thanks to a slot limit. I also fish some farm ponds where this would be deadly, I may try it with a red and black color scheme, or a black and olive w/black redflake rubber legs. I know the black/chart. will kill the walleyes, they love anything white, chartreuse, and/or shiny with some action to it. :yahoo:
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