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  1. I make Richard Wheatley Fly Boxes as well as Fox Fly Boxes for the Great British Fly Box Company.
  2. Flies that good need a Wheatley box- either new or vintage. remember that with a Wheatley box you can always replace the foam.
  3. The local shops in the U.K. are slowly closing as people buy from the internet more and more. Not sure that this is a good thing. Margins don't alter much what changes is the costs added onto the item. Costs of marketing, carriage and premises. Support your local shop I say.
  4. My first vice lasted a few months (the jaws gave up), my second one (the screw that held the head in place started to go slack and the head to move) a few years and hopefully my Cottarelli will last longer than I will be tying flies. These costed a few quid, the second one I bought second hand and now I can afford the third. I guess what I am saying is that it all depends on what anyone can afford
  5. Another vote for Cottarelli. I regularly tie 7/0 classic salmon flies in mine. Fantastic vice
  6. Just one. A Richard Wheatley Comp Lite box with a swing leaf. Easy Grip foam on all four serfaces.. Carries about 250 flies. Used to carry a lot more but decided to reduce what I carry about three years ago. Box goes in the fly box pouch that attaches to the same Company's lanyard system. http://richard-wheatley.co.uk/#/products/4573387051/Fisherman-Deluxe-Lanyard-37002/4850092 http://richard-wheatley.co.uk/#/products/4573387051/Fisherman-Pouch-37011/4849852 http://richard-wheatley.co.uk/#/products/4573387051/Comp-Lite-9604/4842253
  7. I think that this is the Perrine copy of a Richard Wheatley tube fly box. The compartment section was designed to take the tube flies. The covered springs were a copy of the Kilroy Spring system which took the hooks. The small holes on the plate in the middle of the spring system were for very short tube flies. I think that it dated to the late 1960's. For more details of the Kilroys Spring System go to richardwheatleymuseum.org
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