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  1. DCM


    Welcome . I wish I would have found this place before I picked up all my bad habits.DCM
  2. DCM

    New member

    Welcome. Your in the right place for info.DCM
  3. Welcome to the site. enjoy DCM
  4. Hi Bruce you stumbled on to the best site on the infomation super highway.Jump in the waters fine.DCM
  5. DCM

    Hey All

    Welcome to a great site, great people who dont mind sharing knowledge.DCM
  6. When I close my eyes and drift off I see CONEHEAD's desk!!! Great set-up. DCM
  7. Give traditional angler a try they have a good selection of "stuff" DCM
  8. I just upgraded myself, after looking at several and reading every bit of info I could find I wound up buying a Renzetti Traveler. All I can say is WOW what a vise.Sorry I couldnt really answer your question. But I didnt want you to rule out a Traveler. Whatever you do dont buy without tying on what you have in mind first. DCM
  9. Thanks a lot SD that article. I really appretiate it, thanks again. DCM
  10. Thanks skunked that really helped. Can anyone tell me what type of hooks I should purchase to tie on for the trip. I had two kings last fall straighten out flies tied on store bought flies.DCM PS. SD I edited the original post thanks.
  11. DCM

    Breathable Waders

    Breathables are the only way to go, I cant say I've heard them make any noise over the sound of my drag screaming!!!LOL!!! Take the plunge you will never look back. DCM P.S. Check out the Orvis Silver Lable, great waders under two bills.
  12. DCM

    Okuma reels

    I've got a large arbor Okuma on an 8wt st criox,it handles lake Erie steelies, and a few big salmon just fine. P.S. you will love the drag as much as the price. DCM
  13. Some friends and I booked a trip for one week ( Oct.1-7 ) to Michigan for kings. Can you guys give me some advice on what to expect , and some pattern suggestions. Last year we went to Oak Orchard NY that was great, I hear this is better? I would appreciate any and all replies, thanks DCM
  14. Welcome, I cant wait to see your flies. You should fit in just fine around here. DCM
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