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  1. Picked up jburge's Johnny B Hoppers yesterday over a couple of Willys Taco Plates.
  2. Kim, your mailbox must be full, says you cannot receive messages. Tried to send PM about terrestrial swap.
  3. Great set if soft hackles today! Thanks, Doc, for hosting and thanks to all the tyers, can't wait to get these wet.
  4. These hungry hungry caterpillars arrived yesterday 🐟😎
  5. July 8th and you need to allow for Mexican Postal System. 🐟😎
  6. Let's see your best Grasshopper, Beetle or Ant pattern, or any other terrestrial you like to tie. First 12 with "I'm in". Tie 12 with toe tags, return envelope and postage. Due Date JULY 8, 2022 1. troutguy 2. psychhoprince 3. Johnw1986 4. WWKimba 5. Danthebugman - Received 6. Woodenlegs - Received 7. Stabgnid 8. Trouttramp - Received 9. jburge - Received 10. flytire - Received 11. Vicrider - Received 12. Shmang SM. Fishingbob - Flying Black Ant - DONE
  7. Yes, they are, plus I got three of mine back too.
  8. Apparently, mine didn't make the photo shoot...
  9. I often wonder what happened to them. A lot of the tyers I used to swap with were international swappers and the postage rates have driven them away. We used to have many more swaps and many more swappers. There were a few cases of dishonorable hosts that absconded with the flies, but that doesn't account for all the ones that have left. We also had some guys that just couldn't seem to get their flies in on time, so delivery was late. There were also a series of web site issues, which seem to have been corrected, though we lost the directory and the pattern index. I admit, I thought about leaving a while back, but, damn it, I just love swapping flies! Tight Lines to all who are still tying and swapping 🐟😎
  10. Why did I get so many of my own flies back?

  11. USPS says my flies got there last week, you get them?

  12. Flies are in the mail. Tracking number available on request.
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