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  1. I am looking to increase my variety of flies for smallmouth. I usually take them on smaller streamers and crawfish patterns. I am wondering if some folks are using large streamers or attractor patterns. This year, I am looking for better smallmouth waters and maximizing what little time I have to go out. Not to mention I land few smallmouth - mostly kentuckies and bream on these Ozark streams.
  2. Gotta love Tom Nixon. I have his book, Fly Fishing anf Fly tyiong for Bass and Panfish. I use his patterns or variations of it. I first learned about Tom Nixon when joining Mark Delaney's Tom Nixon fly swap - I think it was his first annual and there were a few that followed. Some of my favs are California Coachman, Black and Yellow, Montana Nymph, Calcasieu Pigboat, Cooney Coachman and I think the Beau was listed. I received it from Mark and landed a huge bass on it. I was just looking for it the other day.
  3. Fish local creeks - lots of red horse suckers and such - rarely have much success.
  4. I use crease flies like popping bugs. I used sinking tip line with a braided leader. I think the sinking line aids in pulling the fly down - making more noise and vibration. Mine lay on their sides but it doesn't matter.
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