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  1. Check with Deep South Outfitters off Acton Road. If there is a club, they'll probably know about it. They have a pretty good selection of fly tying stuff. Bill
  2. You can rig up a functional vise if you get a small pair of needle nose vise grip type pliers and weld them to a small C clamp. You might be able to get close to your $5 target if you buy imports from a place like Harbor Freight.
  3. If the fly a jig? What is the weight?
  4. I learned to whip finish by watching web videos. I do it by hand and see no need for one of the tools. It's quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Practice with heavy twine and then go to thread. Bill
  5. Don't really have any suggestions for you, but I do know there is a lot of stuff suitable for fly tying at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I had never been in those stores until my wife told me what all they have in there--feathers, corks, foam, beads, glue, craft fur, yarn and other stuff a lot cheaper than at a fly shop. Bill
  6. Lykos--please post the link again for the ceramic tube supplier--didn't come through. Thanks, Bill
  7. [Thanks Bryan--I'm really interested in any improvements you might come up with, especially with the thread tube. Please keep me posted. Bill
  8. Never mind--I figured it out. See the bobbin "thread".
  9. Here are photos of my homemade bobbins, made from 1/8" threaded rod. I heat the rod with a plumbing torch to bend it. I have experimented with the thread tubes, using copper, brass, and the plastic tubes from ball point pens. So far the plastic is the one I prefer. If it starts fraying the thread, just cut a little bit of it off or replace it, but I have used one for two spools with no problems. Really wish I could find a source for small ceramic tubes. I use a spring, also from a ballpoint pen, behind the wing nut, to control tension. Put on a drop of lock nut thread locker to keep the wing nut from coming loose. I attach the thread tube with wraps of thread topped with brushed-on super glue. The bobbins work great and are cheap and easy to make. I'd be interested to see what other folks have come up with--mine are still a work in progress.
  10. I have some bobbin photos I would like to post but don't know how. Can someone please tell me how to post photos. TIA, Bill
  11. [ I make some cork bodied bugs, so I have a few tools for that. Hacksaw blade for cutting the hook slot, shaft mounted grindstone for hollowing out the head, crochet needle for putting in rubber legs. Wooden kitchen skewer for applying head cement, plastic wood for filling voids in cork.
  12. Wow, Fred, you really mopped up. What flies did you use and how deep were the fish?
  13. Caught it on a little fur ball I tied up from hair from my nieghbor's poodle. The amurs come to the fish feeder I have on my pier for bream and catfish, and the fly is tied to look like one of the food pellets. My wife says that's cheating, but I believe t's OK as long as I release them. I've hooked several of them in the 20 lb. range sometimes can actually land one. You need a big net.
  14. Thanks Jan--here's another try at posting the amur pic. Bill
  15. Are there instructions here somewhere on how to post a pic? Sorry, but I'm really low tech.
  16. Caught this big amur today on the fly rod. 26 lbs. Not sure if this pic will post, never tried this here before.
  17. I think if any chenile floats it would have to have a foam core. And chenile absobs water . But where there is a will ...... I dont know what look you're trying to achieve , but you could add dubbing to the foam before or after you wrap it. Sorry I could'nt be more help. Fred Thanks Fred--I've never tried dubbing, but I'll read up on it and give it a try. I hadn't thought of applying dubbing to the foam, but it sounds like it should work. Bill
  18. The yarn topic running here now got me to wondering. Is there a yarn or chenille like material that floats? I have cut craft foam into strips and wound it around the hook--floats, but doesn't look right. Any ideas? TIA, Bill
  19. Get some floating catfish food and throw a few handfuls in a particular spot every day for a few days. The grass carp love this stuff and will soon find it. Get some brown or tan chenille and tie a fly the same size and shape as a food pellet and fish with it when you throw out the real pellets. The carp will be there feeding--just cast your imitation in among the real pellets. I've caught several big ones this way, up to about 20 lbs. Good luck! Bill
  20. Thanks for the guidance on this. I'll try to preserve the pelt and try the various feathers as you suggested. Bill
  21. I have recently started tying again--mostly bass and bream bugs-- after being away from it for many years. I have a drake mallard in the freezer. Can anyone advise me about the use of the feathers, where the good ones are and what do you use them for? TIA, Bill
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