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  1. I am in. Thanks for inviting me and for your continuing efforts on behalf of this worthy cause, Bob.
  2. You might be right, but it seemed awfully small to be out on its own. I still laugh when I think about some guy from Florida calling a mountain goat an albino moose.
  3. Nice tie Bob. That fly would work wonders on bluegill and crappie in a certain lake I know.
  4. Count me in again, Bob, and thanks for doing this.
  5. I got a good look at the goat, better than the pics I took. Definitely what it was. And the little beaver and I spent quite a bit of time in each other's company. It had the flat tail, and every once in a while it would do a little dive and try to slap its tail on the surface. This didn't work too well because it was in only about six inches of water. I have seen muskrats, and this was definitely a beaver. I felt sorry for the little guy - he seemed pretty lonely. And I don't normally anthropomorphize animals. Another picture that I didn't post shows his tail.
  6. I took an overnight trip up to the St. Joe River in the Idaho Panhandle. The fishing was fair and it was great to get away from the valley heat for a couple days. The first place I fished is an area I have fished a number of times. This time, I had a little friend who hung out with me. He was not very shy. The first time I saw him I did not have my camera; when I returned, I could not find him at first, but he suddenly appeared on the bank and swam over to me. Sadly, I suspect the little guy is an orphan, as I saw no sign of recent beaver activity although the habitat was ideal. The little fellow seemed able to feed himself, so maybe he will survive. The next day, as I was driving out, I spotted this guy on the opposite side of the river:
  7. I see you have returned. How was the fishing? Good, I hope.
  8. Certainly those will catch fish. I usually try to keep my abdomens a bit thinner, so there is more contrast between it and the thorax, but I think that is mostly personal preference. The original Frank Sawyer version was tied without legs, as the nymph it was tied to imitate tucks its legs in when swimming. Just about any pheasant tail will catch fish and yours will do fine.
  9. Looks good, Bighorn! I wish I could get my space as neat and organized.
  10. Nutria have made it at least as far as southern Oregon. Their fur makes good dubbing.
  11. For resin, I would go with Silver Creek's stuff. Sets up fast and tack-free.
  12. I wasn't trying to criticize you for donating to individuals. Bravo to you! I was merely trying to offer some options for others who may have been looking to donate surplus tools or materials. I have gone both routes, been screwed a few times by individuals, and prefer to donate to organizations such as those mentioned or to individuals I have screened ahead of time. I will refrain, in future, from attempting to advise you, as you clearly are capable of making your own decisions. I slept just fine last night, too.
  13. Whatever floats your boat. Last advice you will ever get from me.
  14. Four words - never returned my email Sorry to hear that. They were very good about acknowledging my donations. How about three other words: Casting for Recovery.
  15. Three words: Project Healing Waters.
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