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  1. Nice looking flies....if I may ask what weight jig were those on?
  2. I have learned a lot since coming to this board.
  3. To be honest, I don't think that it is flexible enough to bend in a small radius...i.e. wrapping a hook shank. I splice the stuff and it is not as supple as it seems.
  4. Real nice ties. Defiantly beat my first attempts. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  5. Thanks...I went to the website and ordered a catalog.
  6. This is to tie a fly from the UK series fly tying videos. I believe it was called the minkie. Also, is there a supplier of these fur strips?
  7. Are there suitable substitutions for a recipe that calls for mink fur strips? Would rabbit work just as well?
  8. Is there an advantage to hand whip finish versus using a tool to tie the knot?
  9. Was wondering if there are specific ways to tie in materials and the order in which they are put on. The reason I ask is I am going to tie a bee pattern that uses two colors of chenille and a saddle hackle plus a copper wire as ribbing to strengthen it. Sorry if this sounds like a real basic question...but I am just starting out....thx
  10. I have the trout kit and a couple weeks later bought the bass video. I too have a vice already so I can not rate the one in the kit. The reason I chose the kit is the price, mainly because I didn't want to lay out a lot of cash to see if I liked to tie. The video is very good IMO. Takes you from knowing nothing to teaching you the basics and some popular patterns. I have tied the woolly bugger so far. Looks close to the picture...lol. To me, it is a good starter kit. It could have better quality tools, but that would raise the price. One thing I think should be included in the tools is a bobbin threader, but that is easily resolved at a fabric/sewing store.
  11. If I may ask...what size hook and bead size for the bugger....looks awesome!
  12. On your second fly....is that crystal chenille and marabou tail? From one beginner to another , good job!
  13. I actually bought a vice before I got the kit. Originally I had thought to tie jigs but went to Bass Pro and well ended up with the trout kit. A couple weeks later, bought the bass dvd. The only problem that I had is that the scissors had a defect at the tip and had to buy a new pair.
  14. Thank you for the pointers on the woolie. I was thrilled that it turned out the way it did. I am sure the more practice I get the better the quality will be. As for the video, I have watched it many times as I seem to pick up something new each time. I have bought a bobbin threader, whip finisher and another pair of scissors in addition to what came in the kit.
  15. I bought a kit from Bass Pro...set me back about 60 bucks. Came with a pretty decent dvd that shows how to tie 6 different flies. The woolly booger, elk hair caddis, winged ant, adams, pheasant tail and gold ribbed hair's ear. A couple books that I have bought that I read and reread is "The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide" and "The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide". I like the way it takes a new beginner from ground floor to some more advanced information in an easy to understand format.
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