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  1. Great report, Haven't one gotten that big yet. On the opener in Hot Creek a big Brown hit my #12 Pheasant Tail but he broke off after jumping up and spitting out the hook. Maybe someday. Robert
  2. Here is a website that has a section on flies or poppers using foam some might find interesting http://jackgartside.com/ Robert
  3. Wow! Great looking pictures always like to see old and abandoned buildings. Robert
  4. Those are some nice flies. Can you do a tutorial on them? Would like to see how they are tied Robert
  5. Nice job! Practice makes perfect.
  6. Good idea! I'll look around for some next time I go with the wife to Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
  7. Great photos? Wish we had a better variety of birds in my backyard.
  8. Beautiful looking fish! Was this a recent trip?
  9. Very nicely done. great color assortement
  10. Wow! Nice size Red. How long did it take you to reel him in? What Wt rod were you using, line and leader?
  11. Hip packs can be limiting and I use one if going for a short time, otherwise I use my chest pack.
  12. Very realistic tie you should catch a lot of fish with that one.
  13. Thats a good looking pattern, looks like its easy to tie. I think I'll tie it and try it next time i'm up at Hot Creek. Thanks!
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