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  1. Sorry, I dont use many dry flies. I was forced to use them about 4 years ago. I carry a couple Griffith Gnats and. Couple wingless Adams.
  2. Looks like the body is Pheasant too. Looks clean efficient and like it will catch fish. Good job.
  3. People with crappy looking fingernails can not tie flies? WOW! Or just have no useful information to share on a video ?
  4. There are too many people here in internet land to try and please everyone. Tie a Brown Spider and someone will say it's a March Brown Softie. Tie a March Brown Softie and someone from another part of the country will call it a Mothers Day Caddis. Tie an exact RS2, with Rim Chungs recipe and materials, and someone will tell you it is just a variation, and to stop calling it an RS2. Life is too short for me to worry if someone is upset about what a pattern is called, or not called. I tied a baetis nymph a few years ago that I copied from a Taylor Creek Fly Shop blog. I used it on a tail water here in Colorado last Saturday and did well with it. I posted a photo of it, and was accused of stealing the recipe from Juan Ramirez and his Slim Shady Baetis. Nah, that is a game I dont want to play. There are too many people sticking their nose in other peoples business. If a person is damaged because a pattern was called the wrong name, then that is a problem they need to sort out between each other. As easy as it is to take and send a photo of the pattern by email or phone there should not be a lot of reason for confusion. I usually try to put "variation" next to the pattern name if I have altered the materials. If I forget, I really hate to hear people whine about it. I hope I have not offended anyone here, but this is the way I feel. Oh yeah, call a Red Tag a Brown Hackle Peacock and the fight is on.
  5. The plain Jane Jane Muskrat Soft Hackle. It has been my favorite for over 40 years.
  6. Kimo, great photos. Have you used that mysis pattern here in Colorado?
  7. In the last photo looks like your hands are severely sun burned. Might want to wear some gloves. The pattern used looks great with or with out a hot spot. Makes me wonder if the trout took it because or despite of the hot spot. Perhaps only the trout knows. In any case good looking pattern and fish.
  8. Brodrash, on 30 Aug 2016 - 06:27 AM, said: Sorry. There is a guy around Trinidad who claims he invented the pistol pete...I just hate him. I know he didn't and wish my Grandfather's friend would get the recognition he bloody well deserves. Like the Loop Wing Emerger, there seems to be a lot of people that claim to have invented the Pistol Pete. One guy use to live here in Grand Junction, Colorado that claimed he did. That was many moons ago.
  9. I liked one of the reply's to that fly on their web page. "a hare-less hares ear. might as well be called the bald flashback nymph;" I see why you did well with that fly. Looks to me like it could represent little Stone Nymphs, or dark Mayfly nymphs.
  10. Searching patterns for me, for that area, would be an egg, size 14 (Lt pink or lt. orange) or size 12 SJ worm Red or Tan, size 18 PT nymph, size 14 Hares Ear, size 16 Prince. I carry a wide variety of Soft Hackles. Peacock and Partridge, Partridge and Hare, and Partridge Pheasant tail, and a bunch tied with hen hackles. Throw in a couple size 20 midge larva/pupa patterns and you should be set. I have a few patterns tied with beads , but I usually use patterns with out beads. I carry different size, material and color beads with me. I slide the bead on the tippet before I tie the nymph or Soft Hackle on and let the bead slide down against the fly. It stays against the fly the entire drift and the trout dont seem to mind that it's not tied to the pattern. That way most of my nymphs and soft hackles can do double duty. Just my .02 cents. Works for me here in Western Colorado. Oh, size 18 RS2's in Olive or Gray.
  11. I do not know about Hot Spots out fishing non-hot spots 10 to 1. I suppose on any give day anything can happen to any given angler. I use hot spots on some patterns, but most flies I use dont have them. 10 to 1 huh? I am doing something wrong. A few that I use, but definitely not 10-1 patterns. Hot Spot Soft Hackles. Once in awhile they work as well.
  12. Familiar yes, member no.
  13. Sorry I missed this thread. I have lived in GJ all my 53 years, and love it. As stated above, there are many fishing opportunities near here. Not a lot of trout fishing in town, but a lot of warm water species. 45 minutes puts you on the Grand Mesa, and 100's of fishable lakes. Stop by Sportsmans Warehouse and purchase a brochure for a few bucks called Fishing the Grand Mesa. The Gunnison as it exits the Black Canyon is less than an hours drive away. GOOGLE "Pleasure Park Gunnison River". Do a maps search and you will see that you are 4 hours away from the Green River in Utah and the San Juan in New Mexico. Welcome to GJ.
  14. "Wow, I never thought of using the RS-2 as a diving BWO. "........ Neither did Rim. Wow.
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