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  1. Hi Barry, Check out this guy. https://www.54deanstreet.it/shop/category/petitjean-magic-tool-228 He's legit and will get you your product. You will pay overseas shipping but I don't know how much. You could buy multiple Petitjean tools or other things to justify shipping from Europe. I ordered Petitjeans new book direct from him and it only too about a week to arrive here in Los Angeles from Switzerland. I have his magic tool set and love it. I bought extra clips to mix materials more easily. I highly recommend them. You won't regret the purchase. I have seen the CDC multi-clamp thingy and to be honest I wasn't impressed. It's heavy and feels nice but in the long run I think the magic tool is a better buy. I am a bit biased because I got into CDC when that Leon Links' book "Tying Flies with CDC" first came out in 2002 and I learned about Marc Petitjean. It's a well made product and very smooth to use. He is one of my favorite tyers. Up there with Rene Harrop and Hans Weilenmann. Some of the early influences of my fly tying so take my word with a grain of salt.
  2. Thanks everyone for responding. First and foremost I'd like to apologize for not responding for such a long time. Nothing spectacular has happened to me so I wont be able to give you a story about aliens coming off of a shooting star and stealing my keyboard only to return it tonight. Truth is, after I posted this topic I tried to log back on and was getting a 504 error, then after a few attempts I said I'd wait and see if the website is correct about a week after. Then I forgot about this thread because of life. I have not had any luck, I know about the nano and veevus. They slip. They are GSP. Strong but I'd rather find the TMC one, maybe under a different brand. Tim I love this thread. It's really wonderful. It was expensive though. But worth it. I will contact them directly and see if I can get a hold of the original manufacturer. It's worth the effort I think. I'll let you know if I find anything for sure. Let me know if you are down here. Maybe we can hook up and tie or just grab some food! Cheers
  3. I really like this thread, it's small diameter and ability to lay flat. Tiemco stopped selling it. I'm looking for help in trying to find the original manufacturer of this material. The 16/0 was really nice with the really small size flies 20 and smaller. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Artin


    Thank you for all the responses. The cat litter idea seems the easiest but I have some reservations about it being kept in the bag. Every use would spill a little out of the bag and there would be additional cleaning involved. I think I'm going to wash them and put them out in the sun to dry off. Hoping to eliminate, if not substantially reduce the smell that gathers in the drawers above and below. All of mine are dyed and in their packages so they are not just laying around. I have most of the more robust brands as well as a couple of smaller suppliers so I don't think that the odors are specific to one manufacturer. Thank you again I learned a lot here. I will post an update. Artin P.S. When washing with dawn, how long should I let it soak before taking them out to rinse?
  5. Hi All, Been a member for a long time on this forum but I mostly read. There are some really fine tyers here. I enjoy the topics and the contents very much and along the way I have picked up some good pointers from here. I have been tying since I was in my teens and now 40. Feels weird saying that as I don't feel 40. I am still learning. So my question is, how do I get rid of that smell from bucktail. You know which smell. Haven't really tried any solutions because I cant think of anything that I can put there that will infuse an artificial stenche to the material and call it paranoia but I don't like the idea of having my bucktail smell like fabric softener. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My drawers that the bucktail is in have that stench. All of them. Thanks
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