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  1. Bullship said *There are still tons of rocks and stumps, as well as the occasional shopping cart and submerged dock to get hung up on in lakes, but current poses another problem. i imagine I'll get skunked my fair share until I figure them out. * The one river my brother and I fish the most runs through farm land and Lancaster city (PA). We encounter everything from farm equiptment and dead livestock to building materials, toilets and the kitchen sink. Plenty of unnatural junk to snag on. Carp just don`t care. We have also located a couple of koi on the same river but they have eluded us so far.
  2. Tidewater, Those will work for sure but the only problem is keeping the sunnies and smallmouth off of them long enough for the carp to have a shot. Around here bass follow the carp around sucking in anything that tries to get away. Last November was the last carp I hooked into for the season. It took a simple orange beadheaded caddis nymph with the body made from the orange plastic bags our paper comes in when its wet out. I put it some distance upstream ahead of a group that were moving away from me . One turned back to pick it up after the group had passed over it then immediately ran further downstream and into some half sunken brush that snapped the tippet. My favorite lost carp was earlier last summer when one started to run upstream and I figured I had him as he was heading into very shallow water. Before he got to the shallow section he went under a long sunken branch that I couldn`t see , wrapped it around the branch twice and shot straight up into air to breaking the tippet. I just stood there staring and wondering what it was doing. I had to go over and unwrap my line from the branch. I am definitely being outclassed and outsmarted by these fish. :wallbash: :ripped: Still I can`t stop wasting flies and days chasing them.
  3. Good looking fly that should float forever Floyd. I would keep the name as Royal Spenner just to keep people wondering .
  4. When the flies in the links I posted fail , I switch to a size 12-14 simple nymph. Nothing more than two rubber tails , black or brown dubbing and rubber legs. I tie them with tiny black brass dumbell eyes for weight plus to get the hook to ride point up. There is also Mr.P`s Black Betty. I have not hooked a carp on it yet but have taken plenty of smallies and bluegill on it. A pic of it can be seen here, a little more than half way done the page. This will be my 3rd season chasing carp with only 13 hook ups and one landed. All that happened just last year , I couldn`t even get carp to turn to look at a fly the first year. :wallbash: The fish I landed was taken in a lake on a mulberry fly. Lake carp don`t seem to put up the fight of river carp. All the rest of my hook ups have been on the river. The river fish sure put up a hard fight and know where every sharp rock and submerged branch is. I just keep breaking them off even with 2x tippet. They just must be a lot smarter than I am , but they have me hooked! Now if I can just keep them hooked long enough to land them .
  5. Just a few patterns backstabber Crazy carper Mr P`s carp carrot red fox squirrel nymph Rocky MTN. carp fly swap - bunch of patterns Clouser swimming nymph Foxee Red Clouser Carp crack
  6. I`m not so sure that it would be safer than sex. Grab a feather and get kicked in the crotch. I can just see it now on the front page," Woman charges man with touching her feathers. DA seeks death penalty".
  7. I`m starting to feel like I`m playing the internet version of "Who`s Line".
  8. "So really , Why did the chicken cross the road?"
  9. "You do know that your supposed to eat the chicken not snort it?"
  10. " So, when do you molt your feathers?" :devil2:
  11. "Hold still, its just what I need to Match the Hatch."
  12. "Excuse me , did they forget to tie in the hooks or couldn`t you afford that option?"
  13. That theory works for me , anything orange seems to work the best with small and black second.
  14. Looks like a very fine carp fly. You may want to try some with an orange body.
  15. Looks good but does it come blackened?
  16. Gypsy Outdoors. Their website is under construction but it has a link to their Ebay Store. DaiRiki hooks about $9 per hundred. Excellent hooks and excellent service from the seller. :headbang: Love the pics he uses for the hooks , gives all the pertinant info such as length (1x , 2x) etcs. If he doesn`t have the size you want just ask him , he is quick to reply.
  17. You could stick with Early Black Stone except aka Stony......spelling could vary. Of course call him what you want and teach him to answer to "Hey stupid". They always seem to know who you mean when you call them that. Works equally well with cats. I think I would go for "Flymph".
  18. You could stick with Early Black Stone aka Stony......spelling could vary. Of course call him what you want and teach him to answer to "Hey stupid".
  19. For dubbing , synthetic hair , flash , etc try Fly Tyers Dungeon. Here is the Link to his current specials (antron dubbing , H20 Flash , micro tails). Be sure to sign up for his newsletter to get the specials email. He takes payment through PayPal.
  20. Good carpy looking flies if the smallies and bluegill don`t beat them to it.
  21. I guess these are not really weird ,but a dead pony floating (hung up in some overhanging branches), a dead somewhat bloated dog that floated past me while wading, and remenants of a cow (skull with some skin still attached plus misc. other bones). I guess this is what you get for fishing near farms, of course I fish the Conestoga in Lancaster (city) and can find everything including the kitchen sink there.
  22. Check out polar chenille Hareline polar chenille J.Stockard. There is also a UV version.
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