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  1. Hi Larry The Elk river in south east BC has great fly fishing for cutts and bulls, there is also the wigwam and ST mary's. The fees this year I believe for non residents of the province will be a daily fee this is a new change that will be in effect April 1. Contact the Elk River Angler in Fernie BC for info on lisence fees. Dry fly patterns in the fernie area would be green drakes,golden stones, pmd's and hoppers in August, streamers I like are zonkers,kiwi muddlers, leech patterns they work great on lakes as well and chironimidsare effective on lakes. I hope this helps, think about Alberta great fly fishing as well, e-mail if you need more info. Tight Lines Mark
  2. Hi daryn The bull Trout does not fight as hard as a brown. They will chase other trout that you've hooked into with no fear all the way to shore, that's when you put on a BIG streamer and hold on tight. It's great hooking into 30" bulls in small mountain creeks. Tight Lines Mark Sokolowski www.fishingpoleguidinginc.com
  3. Hi You could try Captain Nick Sassic or Captain Brad Stine or call The Fly Fisherman in Titusville and talk to Chris Barco he can help you out as well. Tight Lines Mark Sokolowski www.fishingpoleguidinginc.com
  4. Hi I float the Bow river, I like to work the banks casting your streamer to shore and working the small pockets and riffles with nymphs and watching for rising trout.The big Rainbows and browns like the banks. I use a 16 foot drift boat so i am on the oars most off the time. Tight Lines Mark Sokolowski www.fishingpoleguidinginc.com
  5. Hi My name is Mark Sokolowski from Calgary Alberta Canada my home waters are the Bow river and the Crowsnest River. On the Bow we flyfish for rainbows and browns with some bull trout. The Crowsnest has rainbows some cutts,bull's and browns. Happy to be aboard. Tightlines Mark
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