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  1. Paul, Best wishes to you with your weight loss. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Bigdaddyhub is in the process to stop smoking. He is doing better with it this week but struggle the 2 wks before. And we both could take some tips from you and drop some pounds it would make it alot easier to hike creek banks and climb deer stands. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  2. It has been months again, We have did very little fishing due to weather, children activity schedules, the little one growing up and is hard to fish with him wanting in the water not yet understanding the entire fishing thing yet, but it will come....he does like his little fishing rod just not letting it stay in the water andhe does like to play with the fish he catches. We have practiced with our bows a lot this summer and can't hardly wait for bow deer season in 2 more wks. We would also like to get in some fall camping and fishing weather permitting. Good Luck on the waters to everyone and in the woods to if you are hunters also. Have a wonderful Day!
  3. Your source corrected himself later when he was dressing it out and realize what he thought was the entery was the exit. He then congratulated me for my great shot. lol Good hearing from you how is everyone?
  4. Hello Everyone, How is everyone? I have been away from the site it seems like forever and a day. The entire look of the site has changed not for sure if I like it just yet. I allowed my family and the everyday life take a lot of control and take a lot of my time. When you have little ones you tend to put your life to the side on pause and give them eerything that they need and I know that they always need to come first after God but we also have to realize that time has to be set aside for us if only 15mins. However now my baby is 2yrs old now and is healthy and growing up too fast, makes you wonder were the time goes, my middle one is now 8yr and is dancing and keeping us busy however still enjoys the outdoors and fishing,(she just got her first flyrod for Christmas and wants to start tying), and the oldest is almost 15yrs and can't keep him in the house..LOL. He is very active with his scout troop and wants to live in the woods fishing or hunting anything and everything. We have all taken up hunting as much as fishing now. What ever the season we are doing it. I got my first buck by myself, not from a feeder but tracked, found and killed about three wks ago. Wasn't very big(5pt)but taste real good. Just wanted to catch up and share a little. Hoping to go trout fishing in the next couple weeks as soon as deer season is out trying to get one now with my new bow I got for Christmas and start back at my tying bench real soon and get my boxes filled and prepared to FISH!!!
  5. Hello, and welcomed nice to have another from Ky. I haven't fished the Gorge area for trout but some of the creeks that I have fished near the moutains I have used small brown buggers sz 12 or 14 and a number of midges and have mananged to hook a few. Good luck with the fishes!
  6. Just wanted to say Thanks I received my Tshirts in time for Christmas and they were great. My hubby loved his however He guessed what his was before Christmas when I put it under the tree. If you have any extras if you could let me know, our kids are wanting one too. Thanks again
  7. The money order will be in the mail by the end of the week. Thanks
  8. Change the sport gray to an XL irish green I didn't realize that the letters were in grey and I would be afraid they wouldn't show up on the gray shirt. Thanks
  9. Hello, I would like to order two of the T-shirts: I need an olive in 2XL and a sport gray in a XL. Will these be in by Christmas? Thanks I think BDH will like it. Jamie (flyfisher13)
  10. Rich, I found one of the mystery boxes while I was doing some cleaning this week: my husband was suppose to mail it about 4 wks ago and I thought it was mailed when I found it on top of our refrig. It is in the mail now and on its way to OR. I took it to the post office Tuesday. Sorry for the delay to all. I did put a couple of big bass flies in the box. thanks FF13
  11. Are you serious at the age of 14? I think being a mother of a 13yr old there are a lot more important things in life right now that a 14yr old should be more concerned about. I know that if this was my son he would laugh it off and say there are many more fish in the lakes and he would take off to the woods to hunt something or a creek to sore mouth a few fish. You are taking this way too seriously. lighten up tie a few flies and see how many fish you can catch or how many flies you can loose. Good luck with the fishies!!! FF13
  12. Thanks for the Bday wishes it was a good one this year. Even though I have told my hubby that I'm not having anymore birthdays....I am old enough and the older kids are making me feel even older lately... I got some really nice materials (dead animals as BDH puts it) from my hubby and only us tyers and fishers really appreciate a birthday gift like that. Then this afternoon the kids and my parents and I went out to the Hot Air Balloon Race for the evening that was really neat (unfortunately BDH had to work tonight) but hopefully in the next day or so I can post some pics of the balloons in the lodge. The kids really enjoyed them...little Sam didn't know what to think of them at first but he liked the bright colors. Thanks again everyone.
  13. Thanks I hope you catch fish on it. I fish for the big gills with that foambug but I have had a number of good size bass hit it. Last year I had one tied in black and blue and lost two really nice largemouths in a local lake here in Kentucky. I enjoy fishing the foambugs when I am not slinging the poppers. Thanks again hope everyone enjoys theirs and catches some fishes. Jamie-FF13
  14. I got to the water on Thurs and tried the frog in a local lake around some stick ups by the boat ramp and second cast in caught a bass. Thanks I didn't get to try anything else I had the little one on my hip and a storm came up so we had to pack up. Thanks again everyone and Col. Mel for hosting
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