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  1. Whew! I figured as much, but wanted to make sure. Don't want to develop habits that could sabotage me later. Thanks!
  2. I've found that I tie around my vise in a counterclockwise movement. However, the book that I'm referring to (Orvis' Fly Tying Guide) shows everything going clockwise... I can't think of a reason it should matter... but wanted to ask some smarter folks. Does it matter that I'm backwards?
  3. Just wanted to introduce myself before I go unleashing a bunch of questions on all the experts here. I'm currently in school in Iowa, but will be moving with my family back to western Montana in the early summer. I've finally had the time to dive into this fly-tying stuff and am really enjoying it. I'm certainly a beginner... have only tied two patterns (woolly bugger and bucktail dace). Looking forward to learning more and tying more! Love cutthroats rising in a high mountain lake...
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