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  1. Sorry, these are not my best ties but they are about to be in a King's mouth soon. The 1st is tied on the bottom the the second hook is the egg loop. The second and third are tied over the top hooks egg loop. Hope this helps.
  2. I tie something similar when fishing for kings. If you are not using the egg loop to hold roe then just tie over it. I am trying something a little different this year. My bottom hook will be a fly I tied and my top hook will hold roe. I will be playing with some different variations throughout the year. Send me a message if you want to see any pics. I should have a bunch tied this weekend for the up comimg long weekend.
  3. The easiest tie I have seen used for pike is a simple rabbit hair leech tied about 6 inches long.
  4. What if we put write different materials on pieces of paper and each week we pull 2 or 3 pieces out of a hat. Then we pull out 2 colors that we can use. Then we have to tie something with only those materials and you have to use all the materials in the correct colors and then post pics.
  5. If you can, Go to your local shop and ask to tie on them and see which feels good to you. I just got a traveler and I like it but I haven't tied on the mongoose. The traveler is the 1st quality vise I have owed and it is a huge differance tying on it compared to a cheap $20 vise, which I have been using for the last 2 yrs. It is all personal preferance.
  6. I got my flies today. Thanks everyone for the great ties, now I can have something to look at when attempting to tie flatwings. Thanks for hosting Kevin. Also if anyone has any tips on tying the blue smolt better PM me. Always looking to learn from others. Glenn
  7. I was never what you consider a "real" fisherman. I just went because it was something to do outdoors when there was nothing to hunt, but I always wanted to try fly fishing because it looked more like a challenage and you were constanting doing something in an attempt to get the fish to bite. In 2008 after I have lived in Alaska for 3 years, I decided that it was time to attempt fly fishing. Only problem was it was February and ice out doesn't have till mid to late May. So I went to the store and seen a clearance fly tying kit for $15 and now you know where all my extra money goes. I am still tying on that cheap vise, but have saved up and this fall I will be buying a HMH spartan or standard. If I knew fly tying was so addicting I would have bought a bigger house. I do not know about the rest of you, but catching a fish your 1st time fly fishing and using you own fly was one of the best feelings in the world.
  8. I have not fished that area but I use a black nose dace and different thunder creek flies here in Alaska to imitate salmon fry. I also tie up some feather wings with grizzley feathers to imitate the salmon parr. Hope this is some sort of help.
  9. I will tie a blue smolt variation then. Have we set a firm date to have them to you? Thanks Glenn
  10. I can't remember where I found this video but hopefully it helps. MOAL_3.wmv
  11. I have what might seem a silly question. When I think flatwing, I was thinking Blue Smolt and Woods Specail. The fly that eastern fly posted looks nothing like what I was thinking. Is a blue smolt ok or do you what something like what eastern fly posted. I am ok with whatever. Thanks
  12. I'm in if you have roomm TBA
  13. Thanks, lucky me, I have a tea kettle on my stove. Again thanks everyone. If I ever get this fly looking presentable I will post it.
  14. Thanks everyone. I am using a single sided razor blade, so I will go get some double sided ones. When steaming the fly, do you just put it over a pot of boiling water?
  15. I have started spinning deer hair (muddler and something special I have been working on). I am having problems shaping it neatly. Other than practice it there some tips to help me along. Currently I am using scissors and a razor blade. Thanks for the help.
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