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  1. janos

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    I'll turn 44 in May. I did'nt start fly fishing till I was in my late twenties, got sick of cleaning worm guts off my hand's. Plus I was looking for more of a challenge. Than I found out that I could catch more fish most of the time on a fly and I have never looked back. I taught one of my coworkers to fly cast, he's only 24. Then he went and taught his cousin and he's 21. So there's two for me (lol). But my point is that I think some fisherman start out bait fishing and turn to fly fishing as they learn more about their sport and thus the disparity in demographics numbers.
  2. Hello everyone. Just came upon this site. Just what I need another fishing related forum (ha, ha). Ive been tying flies for about ten years but still have a lot to learn and was hoping to get some new patterns and tips. This seemed to be the place.
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