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  1. Do a search----- bearsden.com and wetieit.com Steve
  2. I got mine, well done-- the flies are great. Steve
  3. Mine are sent Lots of wind and rain, only got one day on nipigon,the only day it did not rain but to much wind pushed us to go up a river, got lots of white fish. I like fishing the white fish there 25--28 inch good fighting fish. Found a nice lake [ North wind ] had good fish in that, if day was better it has lots of potential. Steve
  4. Ok, I got this one. If you just want to fish pike then any fly will work. I did that for years, there is a lake west of Wawa OT CA. Magpie lake, you can catch 100 pike a day [ thats right 100 ] of all size, lots of fun. We now mainly use big flies 10inch and bigger and have noticed that we have bigger fish. We fish a lake where you catch some many 40 inch fish the 30's get no repect, a 30 inch pike is a nice pike. We did not catch fish like that untill we switched to the bigger flies. And yes we did get a 50 inch pike on a 3 inch fly. Look at the musky guys and the stuff they use, big stuff, they don't spend $20 on a lure for nothing. Consistently a big fly will get big fish. I use a 10 and 12 wt rods 400---500 grain rio DC line. I could save my arm and use small rods with small flies, but I want to fish for big fish and found that is the way to get it done. When I go pike fishing I have 5 rods in the boat ready, one with a small fly and get nice fish with it. Steve
  5. Very nice, the hook gape could be bigger, but then I like them big for pike. Steve
  6. Back from the north, longer than we thought, lots of wind and rain. I will send the flies on monday. For my lateness I am going to send 16 flies 2 for all. Ian will have to pick who gets what. Steve
  7. ---- The DNR was a no show ---- You said you were fishing the salt, I think you mean ---- Michigan ---- Steve
  8. Sorry about the delay, I had some material issues, could not get what I needed. So I had to make do with what I have. Will not all be the same color. The front hook will be a partridge Ad Swier pike hook cs45bn or cs43, the back hook a gamakatsu octopus. I am going pike fishing for 7 days, going to fish White Lake and Lake Nipigon. When I get back I will send out the flies. Got 3 more to tie. Steve
  9. Paul--- do a big deer hair. The Rastafarian that I am going to tye is a foam slider. I can do a better photo if you like. Where in MI are you Steve
  10. All flies are 12'' long I will most likely tye the rastafarian, the 2 flies on the bottom Steve
  11. I need a bigger tin, the top fly is 2 pak attack, the bottom Rastafarian Steve---- am I in or out
  12. That body is --- phat --- nice : :yahoo:
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