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  1. All flies in the mail - thanks for participating!! The set is excellent, a really great spread from big # to small # and covering imminent hatches, certainly here in the east. Cheers - JW
  2. Some phenomenal flies in from Old Hat!!! Thanks - look forward to receiving the rest of them and turning around quickly. JW
  3. Received mine today too!! Thanks guys and to swapmeister - great stuff - looking forward to some warm water action this summer
  4. PMs sent with address details etc. JW
  5. OK! Old Hat - you're last in. Swap now closed - we'll tie 20 flies each, can be 20 of the same pattern, or 10 of two different patterns. Let's tie!!
  6. student4evr - testing your suggestion of x2 flies to get this to a good sized swap - we're at nine tyers right now. Should be fine to go ahead and then we can close this swap and start tying!!
  7. Everyone - I spoke with steeldrifter before I posted this swap - informed him of the background to the swap being on FAOL and not getting quite enough people, so asked if okay to post here - was given authorization to do so. Check me out on FAOL for more info - userid there is johnniewalker. Can assure everyone this is a bona fide swap and will be executed professionally. Pretty specialized, so looking for people who either enjoy already this style of fishing, or want to gain a starting set of flies. JW
  8. Thanks Student4evr!! Appreciate the article ref Keep signing up everyone - JW
  9. SWAP CLOSED 9 swappers, tying 18 flies each - 18 of same fly, or 9 of two different flies - swapper's choice The Spun & Crippled Swap... inspired by Kelly Galloup's Cripples & Spinners book - and also by the podcast on Fly Fishing Internet Radio. (This is also posted on FAOL, so the post sign-up management will be done by email) So, here goes: Allowed Patterns: anything that is a cripple or spinner Number of Tyers: Min 12, Max 20 - when signing up, just be prepared to tie up to 20 flies if we get that level of interest. Sign-up Deadline: 10th June - 5pm EST - I'll close it out then at whatever number of tyers we have. If it's less than 12 I'll extend the deadlines so we can get a good swap size. Advise pattern ASAP after signing up - I'll bug you till you do. Also PM your email address and I'll use a list to keep everyone updated with progress. Tying Deadline: 10th July - flies to be received by then at latest. Rules: ALL flies submitted to be accompanied by fully self-addressed, stamped return envelope - use a rigid container to ensure your flies don't get squashed - and stick toe tags on all the flies so people know what they are getting. I'll PM you my address for shipping when the sign-up closes. Please PM me your email after sign-up. Don't leave to the last minute - if I get them in early, I'll ship them back early. If you read the book or listen to Kelly's podcast, you'll realize how important fishing this type of fly is - what better way to get stuck in than with a good selection of flies. Thanks, JW Swap Members 1. texfly (FAOL) : DOA Cripple, DOA Spinner 2. Ron Eagle Elk (FAOL) : Snowshoe Hare BWO Cripple 3. cholcomb13 (FAOL) : CDC & Elk Cripple 4. sanctyphillia (FAOL) : PMD & BWO 5. johnniewalker (FAOL) : Galloup's Knocked Down Cripple & Galloup's Downed Caddis 6. Student4evr (FTF) : TBD 7. Feenom (FAOL) : TBD 8. sjo (FAOL) : #18 Charron Sparkle Dun, #18 Weamer's Burke Emerger 9. Old Hat (FTF) : Callibaetis Cripple : RECEIVED
  10. Flies in the mail tomorrow, Thanks, JW
  11. Pattern confirmed as Olive Woolly Worm JW
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