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  1. Set the fly box outdoors in the sun. Might take a day or two but the smell will go away.
  2. I typically only use tungsten on small flies where lead wraps don't make sense. 1.5mm and 2mm. Otherwise lead and regular beads seems satisfactory for me. I like black and copper.
  3. I'm kind of like the Henry Ford of scuds. I make one scud: Orange, size 14, weighted, mallard tail, clear/pearlescent shell back, and copper rib. I use it a lot for dredging deep holes. It is also sort of a "throw away" fly for casting to root wads and sweepers where you know you have a good chance of losing your fly.
  4. Where will you be fishing? We could probably help you with a more focused selection of flies. But Johnny is right for you to keep it simple and focus on learning how to present your flies, and where trout are likely to be found.
  5. Awesome! Sort of looks like a fat tick.
  6. I got some latex gloves from the Dr's office with the idea of making some latex bodied caddis pupa. But I'm having a devil of a time cutting strips from the gloves. Do any of you have suggestions on how I can cut reasonably straight strips? Thanks!
  7. HERE is the same stonefly as in the link above, Capniidae (Snowflies) Stonefly, as an adult. You will see it is black, whereas the nymph is yellow. I use pheasant tail died yellow and basically tie a chubby PT, but FrequentTyer's fly is outstanding.
  8. Gorgeous. I love Rangley streamers. Yours are lovely.
  9. I use them both and find them to be of equal quality. IMO they are the two best quality hooks for size 8 and smaller. I typically find better pricing on the Daiichi hooks from on-line dealers.
  10. I found this wildlife law enforcement document on the internet, which effectively says that both chickens and turkeys provide marabou feathers. http://www.lab.fws.gov/idnotes/MarabouIDGuide.pdf
  11. Huh? Are you sure? I thought maribou comes from turkey. Whiting has a product called Chick-a-bou, but I thought the nice long strung feathers come from turkeys.
  12. Thank you gentlemen, that is awesome. I will be tying some of these in the very near future.
  13. I've seen a few mentions of a fly called the Blind Squirrel, for panfish & carp, but cannot find a recipe. Can anyone help me out with one? A photo would be sweet too. Thanks!
  14. Question for you bluegill'ers. What size hook do you prefer to use? I find if I use size 12 I am apt to get too many dinky fish. Our lakes are loaded with 4" bluegills, which I'd prefer to avoid. But to my eye size 8 looks too large. But I see some of you drop down to as small as size 18. So what size do you use for foam bugs & poppers? And what size for nymphs & wet flies? Thanks!
  15. Those will all catch panfish. One suggestion though, keep the tails short. Since bluegills often "peck" at flies, they could possibly peck at the maribou tail on #3, and not get to the hook. Keep up the good work!
  16. Adams CDC & Elk Orange Scud Black Wet Fly All Black Inverted Zonker
  17. You're not doing it right. You have to have enough rods around that she won't notice another. If you've got 15 fly rods, she won't notice when you get number 16.
  18. I also fish a lot for bluegills. I live next to a large lake in the Minneapolis suburbs and can walk to some good fishing. As was said, it is a great way to clear your head after a day at work. I generally fish either flashy bead head nymphs, or foam bugs with a dropper, depending on how deep the fish seem to be. And I agree with the comment about using a 2 weight, it makes it even more fun.
  19. You're coming along well, and BTA's suggestions will help even more. I've been tying flies for 30+ years and I'm still not happy with the way my parachute flies come out. I forever trap some hackle barbs under the thread when tying off. You'll get there sooner than I will I'm afraid.
  20. What Piker describes sounds very similar to the traditional means of fly angling on lakes in New England. Slowly paddling in a canoe with long rods, with one or two submerged wet flies to "anchor" the cast, and the top fly being a bivisible or large spider on a dropper off of the gut/leader that dapples on the surface of the water. I've seen old pictures, but cannot find anything on the internet now. I too have heard the takes can be agressive.
  21. Mike Hogue at eFlytyer.com used to sell them, but I don't see any on his website now. You might drop him an email to inquire.
  22. I think I'd be afraid to bring that fish into my boat.
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