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  1. I reuse my hooks for personal use. I usually end up with a bunch of beat up flies and experiments-gone-abomination at the end of the season. I spend an afternoon cutting them apart and sorting the hooks. This brings up another question. Is there a faster way to destroy old flies and salvage the hooks without comprimising the integrity of the hook? I thought about burning the flies off. I'm not sure if that will hurt the hook or not.
  2. I just read an article from http://www.wwdoak.com/byhook.htm. It brought an interesting point that allowing people to fish waters may be the only method of stopping illegal activity on the water. Are there any stories out there of people actually stopping or confronting illegal acitvity? What were the results of your efforts? Illegal activity includes poaching, fishing without a license, or any regs that are broken in your area. I've only had an argument once with a spin caster who was annoyed at a fly fishing only regulation on a river. Nothing came of it, and I didn't report it. I also never saw him on the water again. Anyone else?
  3. I'm in I'll do a braided body caddis pupa.
  4. I'm in I'll be tying Ice Cream Cones for the lot of us.
  5. Sent mine air mail from Canada yesterday. Hopefully be there within a week
  6. This is a cool fly. It looks like a could-be fly...could be a number of things without really being any one thing - Very tasty looking
  7. I'm in woven bodied caddis softhackle
  8. Hehe, interesting thread The final answer will come when nanobots are implanted in each hook to detect which fly is tied on so that the originator is awarded a buck and a half each time it's tied. When that happens, let the lawsuits begin!
  9. A broad answer for a broad question I look for a good price without sacrificing good quality. For hair products, I look for hunted patches rather than packaged hair. I usually can find larger quantities for less, and if the seller knows his stuff, he's selling a good fly-quality patch. Hackles - i spend too much money on, but I try to buy something that will last months or years (I wonder if I'll ever make it through that cape?) Dubbing - there's a fly shop down the street who does all of his own dying and bagging on dubbing, both natural and synthetic. Price is very good, and he's an expert fly tier. I've not been disappointed by his products. Did I mention his prices bury other fly shop prices? Of course there is the hobby section in any store that isn't fly tying related. They often have staples for fly tying that are used in many crafts and often beat the price by an unfair margin. I think if I made something, I would have to add "Fly tying material" on the label and mark the price up by about 200%. Cost is huge to me, especially when the quality can be found elsewhere. I can only see spending a lot on good quality hackles. Everything else can be bought in bulk or found in other stores for a fraction of the cost.
  10. I really like the border between realistic and impressionistic. It seems that the realistics look so good but don't often suggest life with moving parts. I guess that depends on the tier and the fly but for the most part, they look like a replica that a guy could find in a wax museum. At my favorite fly shop, the owner would sit down and get on semi-realistic tying streaks. He would make beautiful flies but add flare to them to either attract attention or suggest life. I've never seen him use the realistic materials used here. He would always use commonly found materials, mostly natural. If he were to set them at a place where you'd not normally see bugs, they might frighten a person (like me) who is terrified of ugly insects. I voted impressionistic because my tying skills are still bound to impressionistic. I try to take some ideas (like heat bending goose biots and weaving larva lace) but they still don't look anything like the beauty I find on this site.
  11. I've tried caddis patterns tied this way. They skate beautifully without sinking too often. When the hair is left trimmed, often skating it will pull it under the water. Nice Fly moskito
  12. Wow, those are really beautiful work. Very cool ideas too.
  13. That kind of leaves a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach. Everybody knows the fight is fixed, The poor stay poor and the rich get rich. -Leonard Cohen
  14. Silly question coming... What is eminent domain?
  15. QUOTE WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU LET YOUR PETS NEAR YOUR TYING STUFF?? Cats learn quick that bugs bite back. If their curiosity is satisfied, they generally leave stuff alone. I tied a half-zonker on a string and I've never seen her attack something so ferociously. I guess it's my winter fix for fishing to catch my cat on a big ol' zonker.
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