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  1. Hi this is just to let people know what you first started tying I started tying lures
  2. Yep thats what i mean and i do think it is a good idea. I just wanted to let people know it does not look the same wet out of water as it would submerged in water. Thanks Phil
  3. just remember that the fly will see the dry version only in wet colours as the only reason the wet is a different shape is due to gravity pulling the fibres down whilst under water the fly is weightless or near enough (the water holds the fibres up)
  4. moder

    Deer Hair

    Thanks but i am really looking for dyed versions that are reasonably cheap (student)
  5. moder

    Deer Hair

    any other places in britain
  6. Ok thought this might be fun just tell us what you first tied for. My first tie was for trout.
  7. "claudia is our only babe in tying ..." Not so... CheyAnne very much here also And then there is my own kid, all 12 years of her, with one of her bugs Cheers, Hans like the fly whats it called?
  8. Hi all Does anyone know Where i can buy good value for money deer hair in scotland / britain? regards moder
  9. yeah i should be able to do this one
  10. I Would Be Interested in joining count me in PM when it is on
  11. Sorry forgot to tag my flies :wallbash:
  12. Sent flies yesterday hope they arrive ok
  13. Hi would love if you could add my name to the list. I will PM you with my details.
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