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  1. Seasons definitly dictate what im fishing for and what im fishing for dictates the style. The first couple months of the year (as long as the streams arnt frozen over) is all about winter steelhead. When the streams are frozen over this is when i really hit the fly tying bench to replenish alot of boxes for the year and try out some new patterns. Once the streams really open up i start hitting early season trout streams that are dedicated catch and release artificial lure only. Come early april i hit the open water trout streams. But at that time i can get torn away from the trout streams and drawn to the lake very easily. Between the crappie and walleye spawns. At this time of year i can find it hard to stay dedicated to stream trout fishing when the bite is hot and heavy in the lakes. come late may early june the crappie and walleye spawns are normally slowing down or are over all together so i pick my fly rod back up and either hit the trout streams again or if im looking for an awsome fight on the fly rod i head back to the lake and tie into some carp that are bunched up on the surface. Now that is a fun fight. Come late june early july its starting to get pretty warm and i might hit up some bass in some local ponds with some top water poppers or streamers on the fly rod and by august im normally back in the AC tying flies again. Early september the steelhead start to run again and by late september early october im makeing a trip up to erie at least 2-3 times a week to tie into some chromers and that pretty much rounds out my year with the exception of some fall walleyes.
  2. I never fished NJ but if the trout over there are like anything like the trout over here in PA than any egg pattern should work no matter what stream you are on. the 2 patterns that are must have in my box are crystal meth in pink or peach and milking otter eggs in apricot or salmon pink. If you do use otter eggs make sure you check up on the rules and regs of the stream you are planning on fishing. I know in PA you are not alowed to use natural or molded eggs in delayed harvest artificial lure only streams.
  3. Lol thats what i was thinking.
  4. Uhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm fishing with those flies with friends??????? While watching Mizzou, on Saint Patty's day?????????? Steve Hummmmmmmm catching a lunker with the flies tied on Saint Patty's Day while watching Mizzou? Im going to have to go with catching a palomino lunker with flies tied on st. pattys day.......
  5. Ive got a griffin spyder odessy. Its a great vise for the cost. around $80 at cabelas. It does everything that i want it to do. Ive tied 2/0 to 22 with no problems with the hook slipping. However i did pick up a base for it so thats an extra $25 unless you already have one.
  6. I agree. Just go to youtube and do a search for wooly buggers and im sure that you will get quite a few videos to choose from. Not only will you be able to see the basics on how they are tied but you will get to see what the different materials look like and how to apply them. Welcome to the forums and the addiction. Tight lines.
  7. That came out better than i thought it would be utyer. Thanks for the tip and posting the pic. And edinct those look pretty good and they will get easier and easier to tie as you get more of them finished.
  8. After a long winter at the tying bench i have all of my boxes full and im ready to get some line wet. They stocked the delayed harvest / artificial lure only area over 2 weeks ago and i have been itching to get out there but every time the stream gets almost fishable another huge storm comes in and blows it right back out. The creek i normally fish is ideal around 400 - 600 cubic ft. per sec discharge and i havnt seen it below 1000 all month and its been close to 10,000 cubic ft per sec dischage at one point each week for the past 3 weeks. At this rate im going to be lucky to get out at all before the season opens on all the streams middle of april. But on the bright side all this raining is really helping the effort to get the lakes soft so we might be able to get the boat out here in the not so distant future.
  9. good luck on your trip. I know im looking forward to my 6 days off work and on the stream trout fishing up in the mountains when the season opens middle of april.
  10. I agree with agn. Definitly need a solid color shirt and decent lighting. Nothing is worst than trying to watch a fly tying vid and you cant see whats going on because there isnt enough light or it is zoomed out too much.
  11. Thats an interesting technique. I dont use a dubbing loob all that often but next time i do i might have to try that.
  12. yes like previously said you have to go from the back to the front for it to tie properly. I also put a dab of superglue on all of my finished knots too. Its a little over kill but nothing is worse than putting a fresh fly on and have it start to fall apart after the first fish or snag.
  13. Wow. That would ruin your day if you were down on that stream.
  14. Agreed. I bought some of those velco dots with the adhesive backs and put them on a tounge depressor and brush that against my dubbed flies to get the "buggy" look. and like you said the type of dubbing does make a difference and squirrel is a good dubbing for the look your looking for.
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