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  1. Thought I'd tie up a few midge flies while I was self isolating today as well 🙂 Hook: Filling Mill 31550 #14 Thread: Sheer 14/0 (Black) Tail: Indian cock neck fibres (Cree) Body: Superfine dry fly dubbing (Dark tan) Wing: Antron bodywool (White) split into 2 wings. Hackle: Mets saddle (Grizzly)
  2. Lovely looking fly Kimo, I need to get back to tying and posting, just need to get myself motivated, seem to have fell away from tying past few weeks. Still pop on the sites daily tho so I will definitely get back to it at sometime 🙂
  3. Hook: Daiichi 1870 #14Thread: Uni 17/0 Trico, White Tail: CDL, Dark Abdomen/Legs: Peacock Herl, Red Wing Pads: Goose Biots, Red Wingcase: Medallion Sheeting Coated with Loon UV Knot Sense Did you see the PM I sent you? Look at the eraser technique for the abdomen. Kimo Cheers Kimo much appreciated, also just seen the message, thanks for the video, couldn't do anything on the site earlier as it was running so slow and giving me errors everytime I tried to post a message, thanks again will try tying these up
  4. There all amazing Kimo could you tell me the materials and hook used for the red midge larva
  5. Look great as usual Kimo, Nice tie also mvendon, but what feather is that with the coloured dots on it, never seen one off them before
  6. Nice ties Philly & tidewaterfly
  7. Any chance you could do a SBS for the scud Kimo, would like to try it, it'll never be as good as yours but gotta start somewhere
  8. Peacock herl buzzer Hook: B110 #14 Thread: UTC 70 black Body: Peacock quill (stripped) Head: UTC 70 black Cheeks: Red Flexi floss Then coated in UV resin
  9. Cheers chugbug will definitely give it a read Just read it all, that was a good read, my next klinkhåmer (which I also found out is spelt like that and not the way I first spelt it), will hopefully be better.
  10. I meant to but was to busy trying to tie and take pictures at the same time that I forgot think my other pictures in the other part of the forum I used green background
  11. My first SBS hope it's ok sorry about the pictures best I could do with my phone. Hope it helps someone Wrap thread to back off the hook Tie in the stripped peacock herl Return thread to hook eye and wind up the herl in touching turns or with a little gap like mine (I put a bit off superglue on top off shank to help the herl stay in place Tie in post (I add a drop of UV resin to the bottom of the post to keep upright) Add a hackle( I'm using grizzle Metz saddle hackle) Wind hackle up and back down the post and tie in (I tie the hackle in by going around the bottom of the post to catch the hackle in place) Make a dubbing Noddle and wrap in front and behind the post under the hackle,(I do 2 wraps behind the post and then the rest in front) Whip finish and apply head cement (I put a drop of UV resin on the thread then whip finish and cure the resin when done)
  12. Hook:B100 #12 Thread: UTC 70 black Body: peacock herl stripped using erasure Wing: Antron Bodywool (florescent so easy to see) Hackle: Metz grizzle hackle Head: ultra fine ice dub (purple)
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