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  1. Hi Horseshoes: Count me in on some size 8 GreenWell's Glory wet flies. Thank You Andy Brasko AKA: Fontinalis :yahoo:
  2. All: I want to thank all of you for participating in this swap. It was you the tyers that made this swap what it turned out to be. Hosting is easy, it's the tyers that do all the work and really make the swap a success. Horseshoes: I was waiting for you to post to let me know you received your flies. Wanted to make sure all my new friends in Canada received them. I feel you are very worthy of fishing them. Thanks for the kind words. Andy P.S. I will be hosting this swap again around the same time next year. Have a great fishing season and please wade safely
  3. Attention Swappers: After posting the pictures on line last night I felt very good and stayed up till 01:00 AM sorting out all the flies. I completed this task and am happy to say that all the flies have been placed in the mail this morning Sautrday April 4, 2009. I am asking everyone to please let me know when you recieve your flies. Tight Lines Andy Brasko AKA: Fontinalis
  4. All Swappers: Pictures of the flies have been posted in the Classic Streamer & wet fly forum for all to see. I really tried to do justice to all the flies. I learned that taking pictures of streamer flies is way different when to taking pictures of my wet flies. I hope you enjoy them. I am starting to sort the flies now to get them ready for mailing. I will post again when they are placed in the mail. Sincerely Andy Brasko AKA: Fontinalis
  5. Sukhoidave: I received your flies today. Very nice tyes. Swappers: I will be taking the pictures of all the flies in the swap and posting them on the web site for all to see. I will sort all the flies and will be placing them in the mail on Monday morning. Would everyone please be so kind to let me know that you have received your flies. Again I can not thank everyone enough for participating in this swap and for making it successful. Also thanks guys for the extra fly that has reponded to my post about one swapper that dropped out and never replied back to any of my PM's. Sincerely Andy Brasko AKA: Fontinalis
  6. Hi Rocky: I recveived your flies, nice ties. All Sukhoidaves flies are in the mail and on there way. I have had no response from ClassicFly, I have sent hime four PM's and have not received a reply. When I receive the last batch of flies I will take all the pictures and send everyones flies out in the mail A.S.A.P. I am assuming at this point that ClassicFly has dropped out and will send everyone back one of there own flies. I want to thank all who participated in this swap. The swap was successful because of all of you that participated. The flies are beautiful and I feel everyone will be satified. Please keep reading the post's because I will be updating it when the flies are pictured as well to let everyone know when the flies are in the mail. One last thing I will need from all is to hear when the flies have arrived at your house. I can't thank you guys enough for all the great work that you did and hope that you have enjoyed being in the swap when you receive your flies. Sincerely Andy Brasko AKA: Fontinalis
  7. Hi Sukhoidave: I will let you know when I receive them. Andy
  8. Utyer: I received your flies yesterday. Very nice tyes! Hi Rocky: I will let you know when they arrive. Thanks Andy
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Fontinalis: Blue Winged Olive
  10. Hi Everyone: I have sent a PM to all that I have not heard from in awhile on status of flies that are still being worked on. My flies are in progress and will be finished today or tomorrow. I have update the very first thread in this long list of posts as to status of flies I have recieved. Just wanted to keep all informed on this swap. I will be taking pictures of all the flies and posting them on the site for all to see when I have them all in hand. Sorry for the bother, I just wanted to make sure every one has an updated status on the swap. Sincerely Andy Brasko AKA: Fontinalis
  11. Hi vtflyhack: I received your flies at my house. I want say you did a very nice job. Everyone, the flies are looking great and feel every one is going to be satified when the swap is over. Thanks every one for making this swap a success. Sincerely Andy Brasko
  12. Hi vtflyhack: I will let you know when they arrive. Andy
  13. Hi atroutbum2: Received your flies this past Monday. Nice job. Andy
  14. Thanks atroutbum2: Will let you know when they arrive to my house. Andy
  15. Hello Everyone: I want to apologize for being a little out of touch. Work has really picked up and I am studying for MY Cisco CCENT exam during the evenings. I just want to let all know all is well and I am on track with the swap. I have received flies from the following tyers: 1) RiffleriverSteelHeadSlayer 2) Horseshoes 3) Old Hat 4) Ibian 5) flytire 6) redietz 7) Fontinalis (Andy) 50% completed I really feel that everyone is going to be very impressed with the quality of work I have received thus far. I will be taking pictures of the flies I have this weekend and will be completing the rest of my flies for the swap. When all the flies are received I will be posting the pictures of them on this web site to see like I did for the wet fly swap. I really want to thanks every one who have participated in this swap. I will be updating the very first post in the thread so every one can see who's flies I have received and who still is working on them. Thank You Andy Brasko AKA: Fontinalis
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