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  1. Congrats Daryn, Enjoy the rod Thanks Rick
  2. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that took the time to look at this auction. Also I would like to thank Will and Steve and the rest of you for the kinds words on the rod. This was a fun rod to build and it is for a great cause. I've gotten so much from these three sites and this was a way for me to give a little bit back. Thank you, Best of luck to the winner Rick
  3. Happy Birthday Guys, Father and son share the same birthday, that to cool, to you Will and to you Will Rick
  4. Bob, Just saw the post, I'm sorry to hear about your dog and I'm glad to hear he seems to be coming along now. I sure hope they get the ass that shot him. Rick
  5. Great read I really enjoyed it Rick
  6. mrchbrwn

    Just want to...

    Same here, just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year Rick
  7. Happy Holidays to all from Lisbon Falls Maine Rick
  8. Happy Birthday SD, Have a great day and don't eat to much cake Rick
  9. I'd have to say mine is Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and Rainbow Rick
  10. TB, if your wife won't let you keep her can you send her my way Rick
  11. mrchbrwn


    Great looking flies OSD Rick
  12. I sure hope you all have a great T-day Rick
  13. mrchbrwn

    What do you pay ?

    This year Maine was $24.00. That includes all spieces. Rick
  14. Nice job Jim, I like the blue wraps and gold eyes. Rick
  15. Our biggest jumpers are Landlock Salmon, when they get hooked they spend more time in the air then they do in the water. Rick
  16. That is a awesome truck, I'm sure he has a crowd where ever he goes Rick
  17. I got a recorded one from Curt Schilling who was campaning for the Bush camp Rick
  18. Good for you OSD, I'm sure you will make a great bamboo rod maker. I just got done looking at that site and it sure looks like it is a great class. Any place where you can learn the art of bamboo and fish trout waters at the same time has got to be a great place to go. Did you find it hard to get into one of the classes? Good luck to you Rick
  19. I would also like to give my thanks to our men and women that serve to keep us safe and free Thank you Rick
  20. Very nice OSD, I can see that rod is is going to be a piece of art when you're done. I'm sure it will fish as nice as it looks. Rick
  21. DFix, you're right it was a cold week, as for the winters they are always to long anyways. It has been kinda nice to see all the excitement in the people around here. Although for the life of me I don't know why I do hope the Soxs go all the way, they have a hellva team Rick
  22. Being a Yankee fan and living in Maine, I can tell you its been hell Rick
  23. I have two flys that I have keep. One is a Red quill that I caught my first fish on. Which was a 10" brook trout and the other one is a Light Cahill. My son caught his first fish on it. A 14" brown trout. Rick
  24. Good article SD, I enjoyed reading that. Rick
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