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  1. How about Klinkhammer? You could call him Klink, or even Hammer for short. If you wanted to build up the dog's ego, you could refer to it as "The Klink" or "The Hammer". Nothing like a title to give a dog a complex....
  2. As I was getting myself back into tying my own flies, a friend and I hit a local lake that neither of us was very familiar with. I threw on a olive woolly bugger (nothing fancy I know), and started to slay them. I pulled in three species that day - bows, cutties, and smallmouth (the only species in that lake), and my buddy only caught a couple of rainbows. I reached the daily limit, and then far exceeded it, all on one fly that I had tied. It was the first time I had limited out on a fly that I tied, and it was retired to the beak of my hat where it remains to this day. The hat site next to the tying bench, and I often look over and reminisce of that day fooling fish after fish with a tiny little woolly bugger that was just miscellaneous materials a couple of days before. The chance of acquiring more memories like that are what keep me tying.
  3. Just recently made the move to rotary - a Renzetti Traveller - really sweet in my opinion, but then, I've never used any of the others....
  4. Yep, one of my favorites as well.....
  5. I just received a gift like this, including some mink stoles and cur collars - I think Silver Fox or something.... I am thinking of taking the unknowns into the local fly shop to see if they can help.....
  6. Came home to find a box of T-shirts waiting for me. They look great, and I will be wearing one to school tomorrow - one great thing about Victoria is T-shirt weather in January.....
  7. 8 Soft hackles - 4 black floss body, purple dubbed thorax, light brown hackle 4 dark green floss body, light green dubbed thorax, grizzly hackle
  8. Finally received my flies today.... Thanks to NJ All Day for the awesome selection of flies, including some cool foam flies - I have yet to tie any foam flies, and these are a great example for me to follow! A big thank you, and a Merry Christmas/New Year
  9. Yes, these will work for anything, and the soft plastic side holds things ready to go. I also just found a fly fishing site that sells them.... http://www.bobmarriottsflyfishingstore.com...l.aspx?ID=16907
  10. Someone just mentioned Oasis stands in another thread, and lo and behold, they have the same containers pictured that Larva Lace used to come in..... http://www.oasisbenches.com/images/ChenilleCenterSet.jpg I inherited lots of Larva Lace awhile back, and have one stand with 8 of the small size, but would like to find 16 more for the other sizes (They also used to sell a stand with 3 rows of 8). Also used to get yarn in the larger size of these, and it was really convenient. Anyone know the name of these things, and where a guy could buy a couple dozen? Cheers!
  11. Santa had just bought himself a new Renzetti Traveller, so Mrs. Claus never got him anything else. However, just before Christmas, I found a few fly fishing mags online being given away, and when she went to get them for me, the elderly couple gave me a few boxes of tying materials. A few old fur coats, a huge bag of Polar Bear, some deer hide, and a wide variety of feathers, synthetics and floss. I am set for a while now....
  12. You can buy full-spectrum bulbs without buying the high-priced Ott lites. I bought the $35 extendable magnifier, and bought a full-spectrum 9W CFL, and it is wicked. I never thought I needed the magnifier, but I live it now, and the light makes a huge difference when it is directly over the fly.....
  13. Well, I kept it basic. I catch 75% of my fish on Wooley Buggers in lakes up here, and I get to use the rotatry function 3 times per fly. It was awesome.
  14. This is just a market failure of capitalism. Anyone can try and do what you did at a better price. In order to get some "royalties", name the fly after yourself, and you will go down in history as the inventor.
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