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  1. Cool! Where are me vise....?
  2. How did you solved the problem with the mouth tool of the squid?
  3. What a beautiful craft work. 100 points out of 100
  4. No, no no, Córdoba Sergio, you work with various materials: a real stonefly a hook and a little thing super glue
  5. great work. absolutely realistic!
  6. says also quite thank you! you blog are very informative, excellent presentation and lots of fun.
  7. mr dronlee, you are crazy. for the saison MMXII this is the fly for barbels.
  8. absolutely beautiful!
  9. COOL! great images - in praise of shadow
  10. sweet green leopard frogs :baby:
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Kraut: baltic sea lobster
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