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  1. I have a Danvise and a Renzetti 4000. Stellar performance from both. The Danvise was better for me after getting the extension arm. That plus I just replaced the jaws in the Danvise (not expensive) which put the performance right back up with the high end vises.
  2. I tie every night plus more on weekends just for my own enjoyment. Every other Tuesday night a bunch of us get together and tie for a couple of hours. I voted 5-8 but it could be a little more. Biggest problem: finding fly box space. Some are donated to our FF Club.
  3. What a great looking fly. This summer the shops in Bend were saying the hot fly was a purple nymph.
  4. It's been awhile since I joined yet no intro. My apologies. It's fun seeing anything related to fly tying. Faily new myself. Been tying about two years. I tie every chance I get. I look forward to seeing your ties and patterns, and sharing whatever I can.
  5. Hey Deeky Funny that you should post this now. I just went looking for balsa wood dowels two days ago with no luck. Found plenty of harder wood dowels but no balsa wood. I am going to tie some McMurray ants. I bought some square stock. It was really easy to sand down to a round dowel but I was working with smaller sizes than you will. I got the balsa at JoAnns of all places. This video also shows the tyer starting with square stock: http://www.flytyingclub.org/index.php?opti...p;video_id=2240 Hope it helps Jimmie
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