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  1. Nice ties all. Looks like it was a great swap!
  2. Make sure your jaws are fully threaded onto the drawbar. The further out the jaws sit on the drawbar, the further back your adjustment knob will need to travel rearwards on the collet threads to contact the cam lever. Disassembling the vise to visually verify that the jaws are able to fully thread onto the drawbar might be a good idea. For that matter, an occasional full cleaning, lubing and reassembly isn't a bad idea. I think that must be it. I can't image this happening in any other situation on my HMH standard. When changing jaws I always fully loosen the adjustment knob and screw that jaws in all the way, then back off just enough to level them out. That ought to do the trick.
  3. Started grabbing up the MFC tungsten wherever I can find the right sizes and colors in stock. Really top quality and about half the typical cost. You can probably get them cheaper but I already saddled myself with 100 cheapos that I can hardly bear to use. After that experience I'm not as enthusiastic about the lowest price options.
  4. Definitely! I can't wait to see what else is up his sleeve.
  5. I had a hard time getting anyone at home to appreciate it but I knew it would be well received here. Curtis, I hope you guys are planning some future installments!
  6. Just had to share this one! Curtis and the guys over at Flyfishfood put up the most hilarious fly tying video I've ever seen. I'll be LMAO for days over this one.
  7. Can't go wrong with the Peak at your price range.
  8. Smalliehunter has a Peak trailhead package posted on the trading floor for $150. Looks like there might be some interest already but you should definitely check it out if you're interested in the Peak.
  9. I don't know about the Griffin or Renzetti but it's hard to go wrong with the Peak for a versatile true rotary vise. It's rock solid and the more vises I become familiar with the more impressed I am with my Peak.
  10. ROFL... now that's a highly refined technique!
  11. Allen is one of the brands I stopped using. I had a lot more quality issues with them than Dai-riki so far. Verdict is still out I suppose...
  12. +1 on registering to get the coupon. Another hint is that you'll often get a 40% off coupon on your receipt, so plan on two trips and get the more expensive stuff on the second trip Beads are usually way cheaper than fly shops. Stretch magic is another cheap & versatile material you can pick up and use on a lot of different patterns.
  13. No complaints here. I've not gone through nearly the quantity that some on this thread have but I've been using them more and more after becoming dissatisfied with some of the store brands and other lower priced options.
  14. Dammit! When i hear stuff like that i gotta get in on it. I guess I better get an order in at J Stockard before the hook sale ends.
  15. Ahh, so that's it! And I thought I just needed to keep buying more vises until I found the one that was going to let me tie flies that catch some real fish
  16. Geez, when I was little they used to send us out with .22 and pay me a quarter for every rockchuck tail I came back with. I guess that makes me extra bad for hunting for fun AND profit
  17. I like the profile plate. It sits at an angle that seems a bit strange and is smaller than some (6 3/4" x 4 1/4" approx), but I've found that it really works quite well for the stuff that I usually tie.You can see a pretty good shot of it showing the scale on the Peak site on this page http://peakfishing.com/Tools-Extras.html. I got the accessory riser and like to mount it on that to try and keep the area around the stem clear. In hindsight I think I would prefer something off the vise like gpd4 mentions for the same reason... if you use the bobbin rest and the profile plate it starts getting a little cluttered. I got mine with the D-arm and I think I would miss it if it wasn't there! Roofish, I'm anxiously awaiting an HMH standard and will let you know how I think it compares.
  18. Been thinking about trying those out too. If you take the plunge let us know how it goes.
  19. I've got the battery task lamp http://www.ottlite.com/p-51-battery-task-lamp.aspx and usually run it off the battery. Stated battery life is 3 hours which seems about right but I think I've gotten a bit more out of it at times. I'm using this one in the house (i.e. away from the bench) and never had it run out on me as long as I charge it up overnight.
  20. On the bench I slapped an ott CFL bulb in one of the cheap swing arm lamps with a magnifier. It's not the ideal solution but I like the quality of the light. The Ott bulb is definitely worth a few bucks more. When I'm inside I have a rechargeable ott portable like the one Riff posted. I picked that one up at a craft store when they had 50% off sale. I've been seriously eyeing one of the Nor Vise lamp/magnifier combos. Anyone out there using one?
  21. It'd be great if your wife starts going though more of those handmade brushes, but either way it sounds like you've found a lifetime supply
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