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  1. It would be great if I could buy 1 but no body sells them around here and can't get them shipped through the border
  2. Whats the best time of year to harvest a Starling Skin?
  3. Good first poll, but u forgot Prince nymphs... one of the few that I tie.
  4. My favorite tying material's in order are 1.Peacock Herl 2.Peacock Herl 3.Chenille 4.Tungsten Beads
  5. I going to be in Sydney Nova Scotia mid Sept. Any place to fish near there?
  6. Thanks guys stoneflies it is, most likely golden stones. If it ever stops raining here I'll look for some nymphs. The biggest reason I thought it was Caddis was other fisherman were calling them caddis. thanks again for every ones help.
  7. I've caught the most fish on a bead head prince nymph cast up stream and let sink and dragged along the bottom. Oh and a black woolly bugger after dark comes in a close second.
  8. Maybe it is stoneflies but I've never found stonesflies on the bank or on me. I've seen loads of pics of both bugs at rest Troutnut.com has tons of them. But can't find any pics in flight. I have caught caddis that landed on me they look smaller and darker than what I'm seeing in the air. Here everything I know about them. First seen them the second week of June and the hatch seem to peak the first week of July. They have 2 visible sets of wings. They are the biggest bug I've seen on the river. Trout will take a size #10 Stimulator tied with peacock and green body for them ( well I think that what the trout are taking them for) and I can't catch one LOL. :hyst: I'm going to have to break down and buy a butterfly net with a long handle. Man are the other fisherman going to laugh at me
  9. I'm seeing bugs coming off the water on my local trout stream and I think it caddis flies, but I'm not sure. These bugs have 2 sets of wings and fly with 1 wing set higher then the other looks like their bottom half is dragging below their head.What do caddis flies look like when there are in the air? I've googled caddis flies in flight but see as I'm on dial-up and You tube being the only good hit I don't know if I'm going to ever get to see just 1 with any detail.
  10. I too lost 2 fly boxes a while back. It really sucked but thats how I got into tying my own flies. Contact information is key to all thing you own, fly boxes vest, rod cases, everything. Most fisher people are honestest and even if they are not contact information makes it harder to keep something.
  11. Great ties!!!! very cool . I wish I could tie muddlers never get the wings right
  12. I tie 2 micro-buggers one black one white Black Micro-bugger Hook: Mustad 9672 size 10-14 Weighted lead wire or sub thread: black 6/0 tail: 6-8 ostrich feather barbs rib: smallest copper wire I can find ( got some out of and old VCR) Body: 3-4 Peacock herl with black CDC palmed over it Hackle: just behind the eye 2 wraps of Ring Neck pheasant the feathers from the dark ring on the neck ( really nice color) I trim the CDC pretty close so none of the barbs stick out pass the hook point. The white Micro-bugger Hook: Mustad 9672 size 10-14 Weighted lead wire or sub thread: Red 6/0 tail: 6-8 ostrich feather barbs rib: pearl flash Body: white yarn and small grizzle hackle palmed This fly is taken as a pin fish or some other small bait fish I think
  13. Peacock herl can't ty without it
  14. I'm going to visit my sister in law on the long weekend and want to wet a line try to find some trout. She lives in Howie Center near Sydney and we'll be staying there. I'd like to know where to find some trout with in a hours drive from there. I'm not looking for your secret fish hole just some where to start. Oh what flies are goos there that would be helpful too. Thanks
  15. I started tying because I could't get the flies I wanted in the sizes I wanted. But the biggest factor was that I lost a whole box of flies and I thought it would be cheaper in the long run to ty my own. Plus I'd get what I wanted not just what was for sale. I think I am saving money if you don't factor-in time and those dry fly saddles. :hyst: Even if I spend more money it more than pays for itself as tying made me a better fisherman.
  16. Wow you did well nice to here someone is catching fish. The season open here in P.E.I. April 15 I got skunked that day. Next day I caught 2 fish, first one went 8" and the second one might have been 4" not the best started. Come to think about it it's the worst first day I can remember
  17. I too was looking at your site, and I must say they look SWEET!!! $2 ea is more than fair ( save that price for you friends) I was thinking more like $2.50 for simple easy to make flies and $3 or $3.50 for the ones that are harder ty. Add .50 for Jungle cock eyes or anything that cost you extra Have a look at these Atlantic Salmon flies prices they cost more than drugs (nicely tied flies though) http://www.wwdoak.com/salmonflies.htm
  18. Very very nice!!! :thumbsup: but you know you just started down the dark path there's still time, Run Run towards the light. Cause soon every week it's back to the fly shop for a few more things, then it's I need a bigger desk and then it's I need a room,before you know it your building a piece onto the house. No really it's a great fly for your second 1 and I hope you have a great time tying for a very very long time :thumbup:
  19. I'm with Joe Hard and use polypropylene yarn for a body, it will float even a wet flie hook.
  20. I don't think I would use sewing thread for tying flies, BUT it does make good furled leaders. After you make the board which you will have forever twisting up a leader with a drill takes 5 mins. They are super cool because you made them yourself and they float like no other leader if treated with floatant and sink like a stone if treated with sinkant. I'd use darker colors, but I fish dark water. These leader turn over very well also. Here's a link if you want to read up on them: http://globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/henk/henk2.htm
  21. I have to go with White Woolly Bugger with red head Adam's Parachute Stimulator White Wulff #18 to #22 These are some of my favorit things
  22. seanrus


    Wow cool eggs..... Big too what kind of eggs are King Salmon?
  23. Oh ya I agree with " the Fatman" 150% . With the eye of the hook eye pointed toward the ground or desk you can rap thread like you would on a bare hook. You can even whip finish no problem. Make sure you use small thread llike 12/0 or spider-web.
  24. Ya!!! Press "N" peel sprayed with glue would work better never thought of that and I don't have any And ya bounce sheet would have to be well used. I was going to soak it in hot water over night ring it out and put it back in the dryer.
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