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  1. Hey, I'm from Flat Rock. I just got on this site myself. Got the infor from someone from a fly tying club I just joined. We meet 2 times a month. Once is to tie flies. Its a good time. Costs 20 bucks a year to join.
  2. Like the logo... My boy is stationed at Cherry Point..... I was a squid.... Motown Out.
  3. I started with an old vise in the 60's I resently bought a Dan Vise and the jaws broke. I just bought a Peak rotary vise with all of the brass for just over 200 and love it. Motown Out.
  4. I started tying flies when I was 11 years old back in the 60's which kind of dates me. The instructor I had started us with a Royal Coachman. Needless to say half of the kids dropped out including my 4 brothers. I was the only one to stick with it.
  5. Im in. This would be my first swap so I hope im sending it in right. Fly TBD
  6. im in. fly TBD This is my first swap so I might need some help on the sending and stuff.
  7. :wallbash: Sorry I guess I am too late. I will have to look at the next swap and get more used to this site.
  8. :wallbash: I'm really new at this so I hope I can get it right. I want to be in but I don't know how to go about it.
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