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  1. Steelie this was a great article and its given me much to think about, thank you for the great wisdom.
  2. I also just started tying flies and have had great luck on a Little devil (Diawl Bach) hook dry 12/16 thread red tail 3 or 4 pheasant body peacock hurl with wire wrap wing case holographic tinsel Pinch barb on hook off, wrap to bend with thread. Tie in pheasant tail with pinch grip and wrap 3 turns. Tie in Peacock and wire. wrap peacoch 3/4 to eye secure,wind wire opposite and secure. tie in on side of hook holo tinsel and wrap a meaty peacock thorax, tie off at eye with room to finish head. pull holo tinesl forward on side at a time and secure with thread. tie 4 pheasant fiber below eye no longer than point of barb. Whip finish head neatly and cement. I'll send picture and Great book name.
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