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  1. Thanks guys! Hooligan, You bet. MB Emerger Tiemco 2487 Brown thread Shuck- pearl z-lon Rib- small oval tinsel Underbody- Tan Superfine dubbing Overbody & Wing- brown Mallard flank Brown Hackle Thorax- Brown sparkle dubbing Jay
  2. Thanks for the welcome. Fishing has been a little slow lately . Rivers have been very low and clear, due to a lack of appreciable rain so far this winter. I have been hearing the dreaded "D" word being thrown around lately.We are all waiting impatiently for the winter steel to show up in earnest. On the bright side, with the warmer temps there have been lot's of early hatches and the trout are looking up! BWO's, MB's, and even some Caddis. Good luck up north Graham. Jay
  3. Hello all! Another Newbie from the pacific NW. I've been lurking here for a while. Fantastic site! I've only been tying about a year, but have been getting some excellent ideas and info here. Thanks. Jay
  4. Hello to all. Newbee here. This is an awesome site to pacify the addicted. I've been a lurker here for some and this is my first post. I must say there is some awesome talent here, so It's a little intimidating posting a fly. I haven't been tying all that long, just over a year. This is the pattern that most closely matches the MB in the local rivers. I used this with some success this week. Thanks, Jay
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