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  1. Those are some nice flies. The Crystal Schminnows have been real fish catchers for me. I also like craft fur shrimps in tan and brown or a combanation of the two. Muddler Minnows with a wire weed guard can work well also. Don't forget some floaters. Gurglers, poppers, sliders, and -----(CRS has kicked in and can't think of the name) (tail and then craft foam body folded over and glued to create a floating minnow that will pop) I will think of the name shortly.
  2. Short shipping has been going on since Adam and Eve and will continue forever. Most scales do not get checked regularly. They are supposed to by law but out budget folks won't budget enough money to do the job. Look at all the health issues that have come up in our food supply in the last couple years. Not enough inspectors and corporate intimadation corrups the system. That being said, digital does not mean accurate. The scales need to be zeroed and at a minumum, a certified weight of maybe 8oz placed on the scale to verify linierity. Even mediocre labs will have thier scales certified at least once a year at a cost of several hundred dollars per scale.
  3. When a package gives a weight the seller is bound by federal law to have that much or more in the package and is liable for a huge fine and to being sued by the buyer. I personally am aware of a blue chip corporation paying a multimillion dollar lawsuit for putting 300ft rolls of paper out the door that was up to 3' short of the stated quantity. Selling short IS a big deal and needs to be treated as such and I doubt if it is just an oversight. Yes, complain loudly and if they are any kind of company they will step up and fix the shortage issue and they will give you some compensation for your trouble. Unscrupulas people will and do take advantage of the attitude that "well it is just a mistake" etc. Short sell is just unethical business. As a word of caution, as someone stated above, make sure your scale is acurate or you could be liable for fraud of some sort.
  4. what a wonderful present....He will love it. I sure love my 2wt
  5. Thanks for the suggestiongs on procuring some props....
  6. Utyer....I am looking forward to the editorial on your new home.....If I can't move down I can at least read about it.
  7. Hey Flytier....where do you get your small propellers? My small supply from Herters many years ago is almost depleted.
  8. Coming from another old foggie, I like many kinds of music. Old rock into the 80's, old country into the mid 90's, blues, bluegrass, some big band, and some jazz. Sorry C-rap is not music IMO. It emulates jail birds. Why do some of our young folks want to be a jail bird and degregate females.
  9. I bet that thing swims on its own. Does it pinch too?
  10. Ditz. You can do this in one stack if you have good hair. I believe on the tan one I used yearling elk. Grab a thick piece (2 pencil thickness or so), lay on top of the shank, tie two pinch wraps and pull up. Easier then most think! When we get back home I will give it another try. I have spun deer hair for years but have never stacked it. The pulling up may be the trick. I have always pulled down and it just does the spinning thing. I will give it another try. Thanks
  11. I would like to try the tan one if I get to FL this winter but I have never been very successful stacking deer hair. This makes me want to again give it a try.
  12. Those are some nice looking flies but I bet you ain't casting them with a 5wt. Never hunted muskie nor do I ever plan to but it they won't eat those they have the stomach flu.
  13. I would try a 9wt line in either a bass taper, saltwater taper, or a red fish taper. These lines have a short heavy front taper to help cast a larger fly with fewer false casts. It will slow the rod action and help you to feel the 'load'. I understand that some rods are so fast that they can be overlined 2 or 3 line wts. I have a very fast Colton rod that I overlined 1 line wt and it casts great. I tried 2 lines over but it did not feel right to me 2 line wts over. Most good fly shops will let you try different lines to fit a 'winner'. good luck
  14. Nice tie. Watching your skills makes me feel like the hack that I am.
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