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  1. I just took a small order from a tackle shop for 1000 bucktail teasers for flounder rigs but I am having trouble finding bucktails that are big enough for what I need in the colers that I need them in.
  2. Dave Whitlock tied me an "undertaker" with an ornge soft hackle insted of black at the L.L.Bean. It cought the hell out of Maine landlocked salmon.
  3. I dip Copenhagen, and well tie...............
  4. I have always tied on mustads mabey because I don't like change. If you are looking to get hooks for inexpensive try Cabelas, Basspro, or some janeraic brand they are usually contracted under someone. I.E. Basspro is Mustad Or Egal Claw depending on the truck.
  5. I agree that the show was wrong. And with what several of the hunters said about taking only what you need. The only thing I have to say about that is there are times when you need more than the law will let you have. I learned that at a young age, however that was then and all things got better with age.
  6. I have gone strictly gone to small plano trays for my flys on the stream and keep all of my bulk in 3600 and 3700 plano trays. The compartments are deep and they don't crush the hackles or wings like my old plastic boxs with the ripple foam in side. Has any one else run into that problem? Even the metal boxes with the little spring loaded glass lided compartments crushed my bigger size 10 and 8 drys. Just wondering Big Will
  7. My vise sits on a pedestal which ets moved around a lot. I also like pedestal style because if I take it anywhere like a class or to the stream or the shop orjust anywhere I don't half to worry about the table being thick enough for the c-clamp.
  8. The Griffin cheap'os work for me. They hold the hackle just fine till the spring wears out. If you have small fingers that work how they should try them like smalliehunter. That worked great for me till I broke from my knuckles down on my right hand.
  9. Clouser (click icon on top of page) Half and half- Tied like a clouser but you don't but you tie some feathers behind the eyes and you don't wrap the bucktail all the way down the hoo just secure it behind the eyes. well there is two for a better selection with all materals listed go to http://www.orvis.com/ and go in to the salt water fly patterns they have a bunch and they have all the materals listed
  10. good luck with that i'll send a prayer out for ya
  11. Look at the size of your local bait fish. Here in the cheaspeake bay we have a lot of sliver sides which are about the size of a pin minnow. So i will tie a clouser small and very sparse, but when the finger mullet come in I 'll make them bigger like 1/0-2/0 and two to three toothpicks of hair on each size so that it will have the same profile as the baitfish.
  12. I tie alot of salt water patterns closer, half and half, etc... I get the medium sized bucktails. You get more of what you use being that it is mostly the lower half of the tail. You also get less of the dark side of the tail.
  13. Put a bunch in a can and sell thm to rich folks to spread on crackers
  14. on saltwater flies for either weight or bluck, or saltwater flats flies because the water is so clear
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